Thursday, April 17, 2008


For $25, you and a friend could go to EXPELLED for shits and giggles.

Or, if youre in the OKC area, you can go to the OKC animal shelter* and adopt a dog or cat-- Theyre having a special promotion right now :)

Spayed/Neutered, all shots, $25 (I spent hundreds on Arnie to get him checked out/shots/fixed).

A little running buddy.

Someone to keep you company while youre studying at 4 am... for the third night in a row.

Waggy mess of fuz that makes it physically impossible to ever have a real Bad Day.


Just putting it in perspective for those of you tempted to watch the train wreck...

*In honor of the OKC shelter pledging to be no-kill by 2010, Im using my birthday money (*COUGH*MONDAY*COUGH*) to buy some fleece blankies and bags of raw hides to donate. A friend is dropping them off for me, though, as I dont 'do well' at shelters...)


Scott said...

I already have a cute beagle named Pippi. I never even considered going to see the movie though, I doubt I'd even be able to make it through the whole thing.

(Happy early birthday? :O)

Wylann said...

Good for you Abbie!

We adopted a kitten (well, she was 2 actually) last year, and I don't remember what life was like before. =)

They had completely free adoptions for any animals over a year old, but we donated the regular adoption fee +$20 anyway.

We now send the local Humane society $100 every quarter.

Since I know yer a sucker, meet Pixel:


Karen said...

Or, if you're already maxed out on furry companions, take that $25 and just GIVE it to your local shelter. And rather than spending the time in a theater, spend it with your critters.

Felines Rocky, Paddy, and Natasha are nodding in agreement...

Lledowyn said...

The puppeh... it's... too cute! *dies*

Unfortunately I can't adopt a puppeh since I spend too much time at work, and I'd hate to leave the poor thing home alone for most of the day, but I *can* donate to my local shelter. :-) Thanks for the idea!

Tyson said...

I just adopted myself a puppy last night! He was more than $25 though, but worth every penny and infinitely more!

Harrison said...

I don't think I could suppress the gag reflex long enough to sit through the movie.

On the other subject, my wife and I both volunteer at our local Humane Society, and it's very dangerous. Our two cats both come from the H.S.

And that photo is adorable!

Finally, Happy Birthday a little in advance. I hope you're going to start celebrating this weekend! Be good to yourself; you deserve it!

ERV said...

Wylann-- Snugs for Pixel!



ERV said...

hehehe I love that photo-- Two KONG toys, $10 each, untouched. He wanted the 10 cent Gatorade bottle.


Jon said...

That image is conspicuously missing a NOMNOMNOM

Anonymous said...

A 14 month old cat named Gir recently consented to allow me to share his apartment. He rocks seriously hard. As wylann said it's hard to remember what life was like. He was at the Humane Society for an unfathomable reason, being a lovely people cat and a serious glutton for scritching.

christ davis

Bob O'Hara said...

Lledowyn - you need a cat, they don't care if you're at work all day. As long as you feed them when you get back.

Lledowyn said...

Bob - I was thinking about that. Are they really that independent? I can be gone for over 12 hours sometimes (I'm a programmer.). I've seen automatic feeders for just such an occasion, but if a cat can handle that, I would *love* to have a pet again.

Tyson said...

is the best I can do at the moment. Only because your birthday is coming up.

His name is Oswald and he is all tired because I took him for a long walk

Maggie Rosethorn said...

Lledowyn: yes, cats can be left alone for that long, even longer (we have left ours alone for a weekend). You don't need an automatic feeder, just a bowl full of dry food and a bowl of water. Canned/moist food is a nice thing but not a necessity; you can always give it to the cat when you get home if you want.

You might think about a little bit older cat...1 year+...if you are gone all day. They don't require as much attention as a kitten, who has all the energy of a toddler and WILL destroy your house if bored enough. (speaking from current experience as we are the owners of a currently 14 week old Siamese kitten)

Get a cat and enjoy pet ownership. One plus of an older cat is that they usually have been spayed/neutered and have had all their shots.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

Im using my birthday money (*COUGH*MONDAY*COUGH*)

I'm getting you the same thing for your birthday that you got me for mine.

ccfoo said...

What a great idea!!! I can't adopt at the moment but I can donate!

Pocket Nerd said...

I would I COULD get a dog; I grew up with them and it seems odd to live without one. But I work long hours, and have a tiny apartment with no yard to speak of... not a good situation for dog ownership.

Karen said...

Lledowyn: If you're gone that long every day, you might be better off getting two cats. They keep each other company while you're gone, and will be much happier -- especially if you keep them indoors all the time (a *very* good idea). My husband and I both often work very long hours, and the cats are happy to see us, but not going stir-crazy with boredom.

CAE said...

$25?! Nice. It cost us $140 each to adopt these fluffy fiends. But it's all for a good cause, right?

Happy birthday!

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

The dummy show is showing at a theatre about a 5 min bike ride from my house. May take my camera over and see how many church groups show up.

Mark said...

For those of you that would like a cat but are not sure, I suggest fostering. I started fostering cats (mainly kittens) 18 months ago, and it's great. I live in a third floor apartment, so all the kitties I get are indoor ones.

Fostering a cat means that they don't have to live in a shelter while a permanent home is found for them. And you get all the food provided free. And you don't have to worry about veterinary bills. And most importantly, they are tons of fun! They really make a house a home.

If you get attached to it, you can elect to keep it, though I've come to prefer fostering as it gives you a chance to get to know lots of cats and see their characters develop (parting with them is often a bit painful, though).

Give your local shelter a ring today and find out what the options are.

Mark said...

Karen wrote "If you're gone that long every day, you might be better off getting two cats."

That's right. I fostered twins (pic) last year which were more than happy to play with each other all day. Lone kittens need lots of attention though, otherwise they will go nuts. Older cats are okay on their own for long periods.

The only problem with siblings is that although they might be okay when young, they may develop problems when they get older.

The one-year-old I have at the moment had to be split from his sister because he was getting agressive, though the fact that the owners didn't bother to neuter him was probably an issue.

Alyce said...

Hey! Your donation idea is awesome! Happy birthday, BTW! Mine was this Tuesday past. Hooray for birthdays!
Aaaaand, by special request, here are Logan pics: