Monday, March 31, 2008



So theres a really nice dog park in Del City Ive wanted to take Arnie to (its much closer to us than the others in the OKC area), but Ive been terrified to take him there.

Despite a state law against breed specific legislation, the Del City suburb made their own little law against only dogs with 'bull' in their names (irrefutable Oklahoma logic-- 'Dar, its gosta bull in dah name so itsa mean daaawg. Daaaar.'). Its been challenged in court, and WHOOO!

DEL CITY, Okla. -- A metro city has backed off trying to enforce a law regarding pit bulls after a district judge overturned its controversial ban.

Hundreds of people in Del City have been ticketed for violating a city ban on having pit bulls. According to state law, however, the city cannot ban a specific breed of dog.

Del City officials said they disagree, saying it's a safety issue.

Residents who oppose the ban said the reversal is a victory for anybody who owns a pit bull.
Just to put this into perspective, as a 'safety issue'-- 30-50 children die every year in the US by drowning in 5 gallon buckets.

~30 people are killed by *all* dogs in a given year (not just 'bully breeds', *all* breeds).

Yeah, banning Arnie should be high on everyones list of 'safety issues'.


Brett said...

You bring up a good point with those death statistics. Really puts it into perspective.

Although, I'd rather see stats on other dog breeds.

Gary said...

Unless you spend a lot of time with different breeds owned by conscientious owners its easy to fall prey to fear mongering.

When I was a kid, back in the '60s and '70s, the dog(s) to fear started with German Shepards, because they were the most common, and later shifted to Doberman Pinschers. Since then there have been quite a number of 'most violent ,people hating, child munching' breeds, the latest of which is the Pit. Every time I have run across a dangerous dog, and I have fair experience with dogs, my mother owned a kennel, the dog has been vicious more because of the way the owner treated and trained the animal than any genetics.

Unfortunately, Pits are now the dog of choice for large egos with small peckers who train their animals to be as mean as they believe themselves to be. As soon as a new 'big dog' comes around the Pit will become just another dog.

You may hear the claim that Pits are special because they have been bred for their violent nature. This is true, but it is also true of many dogs, including almost all working group dogs. Even dogs like the wolf hound has been bred for its violent tendencies. You can list pretty much any of the large dog breeds and find that they were bred for violence in one form or another.

The only thing different with Pits, and Bull dogs, Boxers, and a few I can't recall just now because of my age, is the jaw strength and the potential for severe damage.

Of the many Shepards, Boxers, Poodles (all three sizes), Shelties and Mini-Dachshunds, the most vicious of the bunch was the damn weiner dog.

Gary said...

Should be a 'we owned' in that last bit.

John Dennehy said...

OK Who wants to sign my petition to ban 5-gallon buckets?

Think of the children!

Gary said...

I suggest putting a Big Pink Ribbon Bow and on Arnie... nobody's gonna think he's a pit bull that way.

Sorry Arnie.. but this way you'll be able to go out.

-stu said...

Hundreds of people in Del City have been ticketed for violating a city ban on having pit bulls.

Are they actually fining people who had pit bulls before the law was passed or is this for people who have bought/bred them recently?

I don't want to think that even in this day and age anyone is capable of telling people they have to get rid of their dogs. I know if I were them I'd happily pay the fine and then go to the park for frisbee :D :D :D

Alexandra said...

I own a Pit myself and I absolutely oppose any and every flavour of BSL, but that being said... Your bucket comparison seems a bit flawed in that you're only examining fatalities. How many kids are maimed by 5 gallon buckets? Dog bites send (IIRC) about one thousand people to emergency rooms every day in the US of A. Three hundred and sixty (or so) thousand people a year.

alloy said...

Frankly in my experience Maltese Poodles are the most vicious of breeds.

Yet they give them to little girls....

Torbjörn said...

the Del City suburb made their own little law against only dogs with 'bull' in their names

Oh dear, that is so confusing.

I would like to call "bull" on their law, but it's already done.

scripto said...

I worked in a kennel for a little while and the most dangerous dogs we had were 2 St. Bernard bitches that had a deep dislike for all things female. If they got loose and got a chance they'd work together to kill some pretty big dogs. Shocked the hell out of me. They were always sloppy and lovable towards me. One day they jumped a coworker when she was cleaning the kennel. It didn't take them long to knock her down. Being young and stupid I jumped between them and starting yelling. They backed off, a good thing, since there was no way I could handle 300 lbs of pissed off dog by flapping my scrawny arms up and down and yelling. Then it was like someone flipped a switch and they were all sloppy and lovable again.

Not real deep thinkers. Me or the dogs. Since then, I've been uneasy about having big dogs, especially around small kids.

Alyce said...

Breed-specific legislation makes me crazy! Our daschund is WAY snarkier than our dopey, cuddly, clumsy pittie!!
Okay, maybe not EVIDENCE...but he's a sweetie and approaches every creature he meets with curiosity and sweetness. Even squirrels. (serioulsy)

William Wallace said...

Pit bull kills 7-year-old Minneapolis boy at home

"Perhaps, his loved ones can only speculate, young Zachary King Jr. had gone to get a puppy in his family's basement, where their full-grown male pit bull was chained. When the 7-year-old boy's older sister came inside to look for him Thursday afternoon, she found him badly bitten and lying on the basement floor. She ran to get their father, but it was too late."

Alexandra said...

Hey, William Wallace! You really didn't get the point here, did you? Yes, dogs kill people. Dogs kill people about as often as five gallon buckets kill people. So pointing out that one of those dogs was a pit bull is about as significant as pointing out that one of the buckets was galvanized.

Lee Harrison said...

"Hey, William Wallace! You really didn't get the point here, did you? "

Well, I'm sure everyone's real surprised by that...

Ichneumon said...

The "dog bigotry" bugs me too. I have a Rottweiler and two Miniature Dachshunds, and as others have said, the wiener dogs are much snarkier.

In fact, the Rottweiler is by far the smartest, gentlest, most "polite" dog I've ever known. She's eager to please and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She's a major sweetheart, and several of my friends have threatened to steal her, because she's such a great dog. If we had to name her over again, we'd name her "Cupcake" -- all 110 pounds of her.

When one of the wiener dogs beat up a stuffed animal while playing with it, the Rottweiler watches with sad eyes, and when the wiener moves on, the Rottweiler gently picks up the abused toy, takes it over to a cozy spot, and "nurses" it back to health with doggie kisses.

Most of the other Rottweilers I've known have been similar.

It burns me up when I hear some people say that Rottweilers should be banned, or exterminated, or that insurance companies will drop policies of people who have them, etc.

Someone felt that the bucket statistics weren't apt, so try this one: The average human being is vastly more likely to kill or harm a child (or another adult) than is the average Rottweiler or "Bull" dog. And yet people who freak out over a neighbor's dog don't think twice about the risk of the neighbor himself, or the new babysitter, etc. People who view the neighbor's dog with the same attitude as a yardful of cobras haven't a clue as to just how tiny the risk of any harm actually is, especially compared to many other things they don't get concerned about at all.