Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Useful Pit Bull Fact of the Day

Pit bulls luv jelly beans.



Lledowyn said...

I LUV the puppy pictures!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I'm amazed you came back with your entire arm intact. Those pit-bulls are mauling machines, like a great white shark!

AAAAAAHHAHHHHH!!!!! Scary!!!!!!

rubberchicken said...

So, does he eat the purple ones? My staffy hated those and would only eat them if I pretended to give it to my cat instead.

The moment I called the cat she would gobble it and then glare at me for "making" her eat it.

Reynold said...

Yeah. I'd never trust a pit bull myself. They have too much of a bad reputation. At least ERV doesn't have any kids around!

Though it's apparently the half-breed pits who are really problematic I've read.

Art said...

But isn't Arnie the same dog who also loves the taste of couches?

-- HalfMooner

Reed said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww @the pics

reynold, This is a stereotype, much as people of different appearances are stereotyped. Pits can be wonderful, loyal, friendly dogs. They can also be vicious and psychotic, just like other breeds.

The media tends to blame "pit bulls" for any attack involving a similar build dog, and greatly exaggerate the idea that they are somehow special. Pits are frequently kept by people who want "mean" dogs, and trained or abused to make them more aggressive, but this has more to do with the people than the dogs.

Pits can be very good with kids (I say this having grown up around them), although like any large powerful animal, I'd have to know one very well before trusting it with infants or toddlers.

Mark said...

I'm impressed that you could get those pictures. How many tries did that take?

risendemonx said...

You know, my rottie mix doesn't much like jelly beans, but for some reason, he goes crazy for carrots.

...and aluminum pop cans he digs out of the recycle bin when we're not looking... :-/

Janiece Murphy said...

So do Giant Schnauzers.

Ra-Úl said...

I now have 2 pit crosses, one a pit/lab (60lb), one a pit/shep/chow (95); they love their veggies, bologna (otherwise they would never have their meds) and Tabasco on anything. They are large, kind, disobedient, love children, ares suspicious of teen age boys and young men, are very nice to old people with canes or on wheelchairs, distrust police and mail carriers and like firemen. All our pits have loved children, though we have always been careful whit 60 lb beasts around toddlers.
I haven't tested the jellybean theory. Yet.

6for2 said...

Great pictures. It helps that my half-rot is making slurping noises as she is licking her posterior as I write this.

Side note: loved your appearances on the IG show. You make microbio fun!

Gary said...

I see you did not include the picture of your fingers being gobbled down along with the jelly bean.

Just kidding, as a kid and teenager my mother owned a kennel with Shepherds, Boxers, Poodles (used for food) and Shelties so I have an unrestrained affection for all dogs. Especially for dogs that can bring me the neighbour's leg. (I gotta eat too)

Gary said...


PBs are no worse or better than any other large dog. Remember, we have selected most large dogs for their aggression. If you trust a Boxer, or a Wolf Hound, or a Shepherd, or a Chow then you can trust a Pitbull.

ERV said...

Over two times as many people are killed by lightning in the US vs people killed by dogs (not pits, dogs in general): ~67 vs ~31.

However, ~150,000 women were raped last year.

I fully encourage anonymous people to be afraid of Arnie.
Arnie likes the red ones. Hes also a BIG fan of cherry poptarts. He can be dead asleep, hear the *crinklecrinkle* of a poptarts sack and be in my lap in 0.25 seconds flat.

I cant get him to eat any fruits or veggies, though. Typical 2 year old :P

Lledowyn said...

My parent's greyhound will always jump up and beg, even if he was asleep, when he hears ice cubes hit an empty glass. He LUVS ice cubes, and will wait patiently until you are done drinking in order to get the ice cube. It's rather cute actually.

Art said...

Five times as many people in the US die of old age, than are eaten by Rots. Important statistic to bear in mind, folks.

-- HalfMooner

William Wallace said...

Pitbulls were (microevolutionary) bred to be killing machines.

I hope you never pass out after drinking too much wine and wake up to find your dog mauling your face.

Otherwise, if you don't condition the dog to be a thug killing machine, it should be okay.

Martin Wagner said...

Wot's with the pitbull fear? Every pit I've ever met has been the sweetest, friendliest, friskiest dog ever. It's the asshole owners who abuse them and raise them to be fighters who are the ones to blame for the breed's bad rap. They're one reason I still support capital punishment.

Reynold said...

Pit bulls...schmidt bulls! miniature pigs is where it's at!

Well, that and of course, ferrets

Yud said...

The also love kittens.

He groomed that poor little girl until she was sopping wet.

Mercurious said...

I had a Rotty mix that would eat ANYTHING you happened to be eating. She didn't care what it was. If your eating it, that's good enough for her. There were a number of times I'd be eating a salad and she'd put her head on my lap and whine until I gave her some.

She was a rescue dog. My (at the time) wife was a dog groomer at a major pet chain. A woman had found the dog on Sat and brought her in on Sunday. A quick exam showed the dog completely infested with tics. It was so bad the groomers said would have to take the dog to a vet to have it cleared up. With it being Sunday the vet in the store was closed. Guess the woman didn't like the idea of vet bills already. 20 mins later they find the dog in the parking lot. I come home Monday from work to find we now have a dog.

She was the most lovable friendly dog. Unfortunately the Ex got "custody" of the dog. I do miss her(the dog not the ex). LOL was funny to watch a 60 Lbs Rotty try to be a lap dog though.

Alyce said...

Your pitty is so cute!!!
I'm about to adopt one, hopefully!

Damian said...

Me likes Arnie. He cute.

I have a King Charles Spaniel, called Kyle (or Mr Wyles, as he prefers to be known as).

He is one greedy little bastard, though! Every Christmas he spends most of his time sat under a table where all of the chocolates and sweets are situated. The funny thing is that he is still there six months later when they have all gone!

Nikki said...

Those are adorable pics!
I have yet to try jelly beans, but my own pit will eat anything I do. I no longer throw anything away when I clean fruit or veggies.. she eats strawberry and carrot tops, green onion bulbs, anything. I couldn't finish a baked yam one day and handed her the rest- she gobbled it down so fast I started buying yams as treats just for her.

My pit is the most affectionate dog I've ever owned. She's a sweet lapdog to the core and lives happily with her lab/shepherd sister. It may be an urge to fight that's bred in them, but it's controllable if raised in a good, caring home. I'm currently pregnant and have no qualms about having the baby around my two 60 and 75lbs dogs. They'd be more inclined to accidentally squish her with cuddles than anything... ;)

Anonymous said...

i think its disgusting to hear you people, i work at a pit bull rescue, and its people like you that influence others to think there "mauling machines" i cuddle uup with my very own pit bull every night, and my neices and nephews, along with other children can tug and tear at him without even a flinch. but since im wasting my time with trying to convince you to think other than you did, let me educate you.

According to Alfons Estelt of the The National Canine Temperament Testing Association tested 122 breeds, and Pit Bulls placed the 4th highest with a 95% passing rate. The average passing rate for the other 121 breeds of dogs in the tests: 77%.

did you know that helen kellers main companion and helper was a pit bull? or that petey from the little rascalls was with kids day in and day out with so much as a scratch on one child.

so before you run you mouth educate yourself.