Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sally Kern: Hate filled bitch for Jesus, Part Deux

Must be read to be believed.

Seriously, thank you to the True Christians who had the decency to step up and defend your god against people like Kern.

Do it again.

Louder, if you really love the beautiful religion of Christianity.

*atheist dream sequence*

Churches turned into libraries. The mega churches into schools. Pews chopped into lumber to rebuild New Orleans. All the shiny shit melted into scrap metal and all those god awful 'Christian Rock' CDs thrown into a food processor. The Bible is required reading for an ancient literature course that students dread more than Herodotus. Crazy motherfuckers like Kern living in compounds in the hills, waiting for TEH HOMO MAN to come eat their children, but never in a political office. Never daring to speak their hateful thoughts around humans.
... I dont think its TEH HOMOZ you need to be worried about, Mizz Sally Kern. I think its a fucking mirror.


Janine said...

Sally Kern has agreed to talk to some gays and lesbians but only in the presence of her lawyers from the Thomas Moore Law Center. Thanks to Pam's House Blend.

The Factician said...

Hey! Herodotus' Histories are awesome.

Where else can you learn that Egyptians (circa 500 BC) worried about necrophilia of attractive dead women, so would hold onto their dead for a few days (to putrefy a little) before sending them to be embalmed.

Where else can you learn that in ancient Persia there were ants the size of wolves that brought gold to the surface for Persians to take.

Where else can you learn that 300 Greek men held off a million invading Persians!

I *loved* that book. It's a laugh riot!

Janine said...

I am sorry, I should have hit the top link. I you wish to delete my two comments here, please do.

William Wallace said...

"Pews chopped into lumber to rebuild New Orleans.

Did the NCSE go down to help out the victims of the hurricane?

Many many churches did.

HalfMooner said...

The Tomas Moore Law Center? The same bunch of fundy idiots who "defended" the Dover school board and lost.

Now they are supporting this foaming-mouth extremist's hate speech? Anything to advance theocracy in the US.

Bigots have no shame.

William Wallace said...

"[hateful diatrabe clipped]...Never daring to speak their hateful thoughts around humans."

Pot, snow, black.

Dale Husband said...

So, William Wallace, do you support the bigotry of people like Sally Kern? Yes, or no?

Also, what does the NCSE have to do with hurricane relief? Nothing! With stupid and misleading comments like that, why even bother to show yourself in public? The only person you discredit by doing so is yourself!