Thursday, March 06, 2008

HIV Evolution for Kids!

WHOO!! The next issue of 'Evolution: Education and Outreach' is up! This issue includes two lesson plans for using HIV to understand evolution:

Molecular Evolution: The HIV Envelope Protein
Molecular Evolution: HIV Drug Targets and Resistance
Sweet! I approve! And if you have any specific Qs about HIV in those lesson plans, leave a comment!

I also strongly encourage students, teachers, Average Joes, non-biologists, everybody to check out other articles (they arent too long or scary!). Im lovin T.R. Gregorys explanation of how to understand phylogenetic trees!


Jay said...

Sorry to comment off topic, but did you see Alan Kay's criticism of Inner Life of a cell on I thought it was very good.

(around the 8 min mark)

Binkyboy said...

Slightly off topic as well, but I think this guy should be a new target for all scientists that want respect brought back to our Universities:

Richard Morgan said...

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William Wallace said...

Minor clarification: Microevolution was the key word in the first lesson plan I looked at. Maybe Behe would approve too?

Colin Purrington said...

Here's another teaching opportunity that focus on viral evolution: