Monday, March 17, 2008

Golden TARD Award

When it comes to The Arguments Regarding Design, few people can top our dear friend Egnor.

So whats he done now?

Okay, click on this.

Now, click on this.

LOL! LOSER!!!! LOL!!! Thats a lovely Golden TARD, Engor!! LOOOL!!!! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! TARD!!!


Dale Husband said...

You might find this blog by PZ Myers amusing as well:

Jorgon Gorgon said...

My favourite bit in this bowl of vomitous uselessness from Egnor is this:

(quoting Dr. Moran):
"neither PZ [Myers] or (sic) I are Darwinists"

What's up with the "sic"? Is he pointing out a grammatical mistake? But there is nothing wrong with that sentence! It appears Egnor knows English as well as he knows...errr...biology...

HalfMooner said...

Well, it looks as though Michael Egnor has proved that he's remained an idiot.

Why the Hell shouldn't any, all people in biological science feel utter contempt for that tiny number of well-educated IDiots like Wells and Egnor within the field, who know better, but who insist upon denying evolution -- the most essential principle of biology -- for purely religious reasons?

Bill said...

Either or.

Neither nor.

Lose points for "neither or."

So, Egnor is pointing out a minor grammatical error which considering the gibberish he writes is hilarious.

Ha, ha, Egnor! You funny.

ERV said...

Well, an IDers writing being incomprehensible isnt new-- I was trying to point out that Egnor used a picture of Larry off of Larrys website without asking (PZ took the pic, so technically he 'owns' the copyright).

Casey was bawling about Les just *linking* to Luskins site and putting Luskins picture up a couple months ago.

I dont think anyone at the DI talks to one another. Or they all have the long-term memory of a gold fish...

Acleron said...

If their communication skills are as good as their scientific skills they won't know what each other are saying.

And tut-tut, insulting goldfish... :)

Gary said...

Danmn! It is times like this that I REALLY hate the DI No Comment policy.

But then I think about WHY they have their no comment policy and I laugh my ass off at them all over again.


michaelf said...

Notice how he misspells vicious as "viscious". Must be when one cannot tell if someone is solidly or only fluidly mean.

Egnor also doesn't deny he is an idiot - only that Larry is mean.

Damian said...

Shorter Michael Egnor (in the style of Kenny Craig from Little Britain):

"Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under.

Wells did not say that the research had nothing to do with evolution, at all. Of course we at the Discovery Institute accept that life evolved.

*sound of creo's fainting the world over*

We are simply questioning whether Natural Selection is the principle mechanism, that's all. In that sense we are just like Larry Moran.

Three, two, one... You're back in the room."

Venus Mousetrap said...

Is it... just me or... is... Egnor... using an awful lot... of... ellipses...?

Torbjörn said...

It isn't ellipses with creationists ... it is epicircles upon epicircles.