Friday, February 01, 2008

ERV-- Life on the Delist

You all know how I joke about being a D-list blogger?

Well, thanks to the help of the best readers on the intrawebs (mine YAY!), I just realized my blog has been delisted from Google. Go ahead, go to Google. Type in 'ERV'. I used to be the top hit. Now, nada. Put in "". Nada.

Try the same thing at Yahoo, and everything is fine.

Now, as much as I would like to blame this on Baby Casey and the DI, as the timing of this delisting is curious, my blog is still up. If there were some complaint (ie "She called me names and Im nice I volunteer at soup kitchens but she called me names Im kind!") my blog would have been suspended.

But another reason for delisting is when people hack your site and insert links to porn and crap, like what happened to Wes and Talk Origins. But Im on Blogger. If someone hacked this site, its Blogger/Googles fault, not mine. I dont run this shit.

And no one emailed me any kind of warning from Google.

Even though Im on Blogger.

They gots my email.

Oh well. While I would like *certain people* to *unleash their minions* to figure this out or throw a fit to get me back on *cough* because this is a pain in the ass, it doesnt really matter. I will be moving somewhere else soon anyway and reposting Classic ERVs.


Edited like an hour later-- BACK UP!! Maybe... I can has minions?

LOL, or Google just tweaked for 48 hours.


Somerville said...

at 7:49 east coast time, you're back again

Dwight said...

Looks OK to me.

Somerville said...

back again,

You are the first on the search page but this is the quote with the heading
"The ERV blogs page is all about attacking me personally-otherwise theres no substance to any of it other than trying to mock me and attack me..."

Eric said...

If you search for "ERV" you get the results as somerville describes. If you search "" or "endogenous retrovirus blog" you get the lead into this post.

Moving somewhere, eh? Are you being assimilated by the scienceblogs borg?

V. H. said...

Does anyone know how a line like that mentioned by somerville can get on Google?

waldteufel said...

I googled "ERV" about 30 seconds ago, and you were there . . .just like always.

Tyler DiPietro said...

Earlier on she was gone. I googled some of her blog posts specifically and the only ones that showed up were the PT cross-overs. But it appears all is well now, I have no idea what happened.

Sili said...

I see Eric beat me to it.

Becoming an adoptive scibling are we?

(Idly, I can't help but pronounce that sigh-bling. For some reason the idea of all you sciency peepz - not least PZed - throwing around gang signs scare me. Fo' scizzle.)

Bob O'Hara said...

At the top I got a sponsored link to
FlexEJ Rubber Bellows. Is this your alternative career, or are they hoping you'll find a way of blowing HIV out of the patient's body?


Kristjan Wager said...

I don't really get the Google results - if I search on my name, I get very different results on different days. I am usually in the 12K-14K region, but once or twice I've been above 40K*.

*What can I say, I've spent too many years actively on the internet.

Kristjan Wager said...

v.h. that might be cause by link descriptions (text used when linking to the site). Alternatively (and more likely), it's text quoted by ERV in one of her posts, which is displayed because it is currently given the greatest weight by the google algorithm.

Oldcola said...

Well, that's common (almost periodic) during "Google Dance", that is updating of indexes.
Useful to tickle egos, isn't it ?

Next time check for it (maybe here) or wait 24 h before posting :-)

Reynold said...

I'll tell you when you've made it: It's when these guys have made a mock funeral for you, like they have with Richard Dawkins.

(Thanks to PZ Myers)

ERV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy said...

Hey ERV, if you haven't already, I'd recommend signing up for Google Webmaster Tools (
It not only lets you see how Google sees your blog, it gives you ways to communicate with Google directly (which have more weight that just an email, since you can show that you are the owner of the blog in question).

ERV said...

Thank you Peggy! I just did that... and asked Google for more information on this issue.


bstark said...

Hi, I just read about your problem on Pharyngula and left a comment there. You seem to have used the meta-tag verification method for Google's webmaster tools, so it should be possible to add a description tag as well.

The listing/delisting dance is hard to fix, though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kulvinder said...

OK, using, at 1724hrs GMT, searching for ERV I get:

Related Blogs: ERV -

After that I get one of your blog articles regarding nuns.

Searching for ERV I get:

The ERV blogs page is all about attacking me personally-otherwise theres no substance to any of it other than trying to mock me and attack me. ... - 113k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

As someone else mentioned, you may need to check your meta tags to change the description of your blog site. Note sure where Google picked the above from!

I see that Peggy has already mentioned the Google Webmaster tools.

I'm not sure what else to advise on, except to say that I added you to my blogroll a while back so you shouldn't completely disappear from Google's index!

za said...

Great maturity there by whoever came up with that faux description. Save that in your archives of the Christian ID movment.