Tuesday, January 22, 2008

W.A.D. of I.D.

HalfMooner has done it again!

Dont worry, this one wont give everyone nightmares :P

This comic is awesome on so many levels-- W.A.D. reference, Howard Ahamanson reference, spoofing psycho-biblo Johnny Hart...

**standing ovation**


Pleco said...

For more of Halfmooner's comedy:


MartinDH said...

OK...I give up! What's W.A.D.? (The closest I got from Google was "Where's All the Data?")

Gary said...

Oh! I know, I know!

WAD = Dr. Dr. William A Dembski!

Smarmy, slimy practitioner of ID, and winner of The Bad Sweater Award.

Dr. Duke said...


Peer reviewed creation science!!

Bill said...

Calling Dr. Dembski! Calling Dr. Dembski!

Where's All the Data?

Where's All the Data?

Chayanov said...

Dembski as a drunken court jester just gives me a warm feeling inside.