Friday, January 18, 2008

More Delicious UD Irony

So Paul Nelson just linked to me from Uncommon Descent.

Now, remember Billys recent 'difficulties' with copyright. You should also note that Paul Nelson was 'named' as another DI fellow who was showing 'Inner Life'. I dont have a recording of him, but he was 'named' in my investigations.

Okay, ready?


Click on this:







Mister DNA said...

This comment by EndoplasmicMessenger is rich. Damn blogspot doesn't let me do blockquotes, so here's the meat and potatoes:
“For educational use only.” I guess by the definition of our submitter, a conference which includes a session led by a Ph.D. couldn’t possibly be for educational use.

Gary said...

Hey Abbie - Paul Nelson is lecturing a poster at UD that referenced you, saying that Dembski has a Free Use card from Harvard, so Dembski's not in trouble, Nyah, nyah, nyah...

Well, I interpreted Nelson, but just a little...


Jon Voisey said...

Double standards are double the fun!

Ben R said...


You are one stupid lady.

Tyler DiPietro said...

ben r,

You are one dumb fuck.

Man, that's fun. I could do this for hours!

Ben R said...

Hah! Tyler, you are one ugly bastard

A student, Tyler?!!?

Still mooching off moms and pops, I see. Call me when you pass your SATs, fat boy:)

ERV said...

Thanks for contributing to the conversation, anonymous reader from Oakland ;)

I think you need some insult coaching from the HIV Deniers. Theyre a lot better at it. Or maybe you could ask ForTheKids for some tips...

Tyler DiPietro said...

Wow, posting the exact same picture I have in my profile and shows up as part of bloggers native commenting software. With that kind of skill you'll surely be meeting other lofty challenges in life, such as zipping up your fly without getting your dick caught.

Dude, I'm just better at insults than you. Give up while you're ahead. ;-)

Rich Hughes said...

Ben R, you are awesome. Please start your own blog.

ERV said...


Richard Hughes wins! You get a preview of my next booby post :P

Ben R said...


LOL! Now, be honest. When is the last girlfriend you've had?

Nobody would post a picture of themself like that, unless he was young, deluded, or foolish. You will not get any dates on E-Harmony, my friend.

See, even Smith ain't foolish enough to post a picture of herself on her blog -- it might scare away traffic!

Lovable losers on a Saturday Night -- I love it!

ERV said...

*uses her psychic abilities to read ben rs mind*

ben r: "Wait, next booby post? This means there were previous booby posts! MUST FIND BOOBIES!!!"

Tyler DiPietro said...

ben r is of course very curious about my past proclivities, and I can see why:

"You will not get any dates on E-Harmony, my friend."

This is probably the root of your frustrations, ben. There are more places to get dates than the internet. Brush the Dorito crumbs of your shirt, stop reading UD for five minutes and crawl out of mommy's basement. Masturbation isn't even close to the real thing, trust me.

Ben R said...

Masturbation isn't even close to the real thing, trust me.

You sound like a man of experience:)

Tyler DiPietro said...

"You sound like a man of experience:)"

Yes, I am very experienced with the real thing.

You really don't get the concept of a plausible insult, do you ben? No wonder you seem so insanely jealous of my status as a student. Your education must have ended somewhere around learning to chew your food without killing yourself.

Rich Hughes said...

Can I keep ben r? I promise to love him and keep his cage clean....

Pwease, Abbie?

Kristjan Wager said...

No Rich - you know that you think they are fun and cute at first, but then they become annoying, and you'll just try to flush them out in the toilet.

hoary puccoon said...

Abbie, I was just reading the thread, "Expelled: Not even released and already a flop" on Pharyngula. On post #78, Brian Ennis of writes that he saw the "Expelled road show" sometime last month. He says, "We got to see lovely pictures of 'molecular machines' while the 'expert' made whooshing noises to convince us just how complicated everything was."

Is it possible that Ben Stein is using the Harvard video without permission to promote a commercial film?

Gary said...

Damn You RichardTHughes!
Getting Boobie Post Preview??!!

Being extra-smart, cool and having an English accent should be illegal. Under Huckabee it will be.

HTH :)

J-Dog aka BSB aka beer-SWILLING Buffoon. (Nt beer-spilling. Pease.)

alloy said...

Oh dear, it's amazing how the nineth commandment has somehow become an internal policy document and only works one way.

"Fair Comment" Abby, Ben R doesn't get the concept.

windy said...

Wait, what's this? A grammatically lame insult, or a clever homage to Abbott and Costello?

When is the last girlfriend you've had?

"No, Gwen was the one before her!"