Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Women, Big Men, Casey Luskin Fails Again

Id like to introduce you all to Paul Burnett. Hes an older fellow who luvs his hybrid cars, cactuses, and being a pro-science activist in the E/C ‘controversy.’

A couple days ago, Paul sent an email of to Mike LaSalle, the owner/editor/creator of Mens News Daily, where Luskin posts about ID and the evils of Darwinism. It was just a simple list of links to blogs pointing out Luskins anti-science and bully-ing tendencies. But, as the ‘incident’ with KKMS shows us, Average Joe Creationists are pretty clueless of the activities of Professional Creationists and wouldnt be giving a voice to these rats if they knew what was going on. It was great activism for Paul to point Luskins 'indiscretions' out to LaSalle.

Unfortunately, LaSalle didnt 'get it'. I thought his response to the link to me was incredibly odd:

ad hominem:
Casey Luskin doesn't have a real job like us well-paid but over-worked bio-science professionals who don't have the time to blabber on all day on their blog about what a damn fool Casey Luskin is...
Um… I get paid less than $20000 a year, and I work +60 hours a week, not including studying. Um… Well paid? Im not a science professional either. Im a student. And it took ~15 minutes to write that post, and it only took so long because I had to hunt down links. I will happily exchange 15 minutes of my time to make fun of a miserable failure of a bully like Luskin so everyone can laugh at him.

I myself still laugh, hard, every time I see that pic of him. Its wonderful!

*shrug* Well, okay. End of story. Another one of Luskins employers doesnt care that hes a bully and a loser, whatever.

Nuh uh.

Casey could NOT leave it at that. He wrote a letter to Mike defending his asinine behaviors. omg you guys, this letter, priceless. Its like a distraught toddlers tantrum “I dunno why everyone is so mean to me Im really nice and respectful and I volunteer at soup kitchens and Im really nice but people call me names and I dunno why they call me names and Darwinists are so mean but Im really kind and they call me names!!!”

Like, several paragraphs of that.



He also proclaims that he has ‘debated’ Mooney and Zimmer (and he was really nice and respectful but they called him names!!!!).

Then the letter gets *really* weird. Even though the original email from Barnett included links to Tim Sandefur, Red State Rabble, Pandas Thumb, etc, *I* am the focus of the rest of the email, starting with this:
I also treated Les Lane with respect when I e-mailed him recently; I simply asked him (nicely) to remove my picture from his website. Apparently Mr. Lane forwarded my e-mails around to others without my knowledge or permission (something I have not done to him). For example, read the page about this at:

Hey, Casey, it doesnt matter that you were ‘respectful’ and ‘kind’ to Les. You were wrong. Though Les and I were not aware of this, as we are not lawyers, Tim Sandefur informed us that you were using your position as a ‘lawyer’ to bully people into doing what you want even though you had ZERO legal standing for your ‘respectful’ and ‘kind’ words to Les.

You, Casey Luskin, used your credentials inappropriately to bully someone who didnt know any better.

You. Are. A. Bully.

Additionally, what the hell did you think was going to happen when you emailed a ‘legal’ threat, especially one involving copyright, to a mentor of ERV? Did you honestly think I was going to let you bully a friend of mine, on this topic specifically, and not say anything? WHY? Because your ‘friends’ at the DI never seem to stand up for you?

But this isnt the weird part of the email. The rest and the P.S. is Casey begging Mike LaSalle to do a hit piece on me to avenge him. Why would LaSelle be interested in such a thing? Well, 9/11 opened LaSelles eyes to the fact he is a poor, oppressed rich white Christian man, which is what inspired him to start MWN (Note, Mike LaSelle is not his real name. If people knew his real name he would be persecuted even more, evidently, kinda like someone else…). A major part of LaSelles persecution is those damn women with education. Not a fan of the vajayjays.
It doesnt really bother me if people attack me personally; my main response is that their behavior is saddening. The ERV blogs page is all about attacking me personally-otherwise theres no substance to any of it other than trying to mock me and attack me. Like I said, it doesnt really bother me personally, but its clear that the claim that I am a bully is simply their latest /ad hominem/ attack against me. But its not a valid attack.

In any case, I have no ill will towards ERV and I will not retaliate against her in any way. Im not interested in attacking anyone personally. And I respect people who support evolution. But it is interesting, and saddening, how the pro-Darwin side often operates in this debate, isnt it?


CC: Paul Burnett

p.s. Like I said, I have no ill-will towards ERV (whose real name, I believe, is Abbie Smith). Thus, if you are interested in learning about Smiths behavior, here is some of what she has written in the past:

"I. Hate. Missionaries. Hate. Them." (Blogging for the Common
Good,B July 4, 2007, at

Im not necessarily a Jerry Falwell fan, but on her website she once gave death wishes that Jerry Fallwell's family would die, writing: "Falwell is an ass. His family is a bunch of little assholes. Im glad Falwells dead, and I wish he took his poor little family with him."

Smith subsequently replied to a commenter saying, "No-- Im creepy. Fantasizing about them all driving off a cliff a la 'Billy Madison'." (Hitchens, I like this guy!, May 18, 2007, at

Elsewhere, Smith suggests appropriate ways to take the Blasphemy Challenge, a pop-culture internet phenomenon where people are asked to send in videos denying the existence of God:

I dont care if you paint a picture of the Virgin Mary and shit on it. I dont care if you take your dogs to your old church and let them shit all over their parking lot (as long as you pick it up). I dont care if you act like a stereotypical 'teenage atheist' dress in all black and write songs about fucking Jesus in the ass. I dont care if you jump out of an airplane with 'GOD IS DEAD' written on your parachute. I
dont care if you plant a garden of tulips in the shape of a pentagram. I dont care if you put an Evolve Fish on your car and wear an Atheist Atom on your jacket lapel. Im not going to call someone an idiot for expressing their views and frustrations in a way thats appropriate for them, especially when they are doing nothing wrong. (Dawkins was only half right, March 2, 2007, at

Again: I do not write this to attack Smith in anyway; I have no desire to do that. I just thought that you might want to see what she has written in the past, in her own words.
Disgruntled husband to a hit man: “Sir, I love my wife. I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt her. Im not a violent person, Im kind and respectful. I volunteer at soup kitchens. So if something were to happen to her, I couldn’t possibly be held accountable. If something were to happen to her, she drives a blue 2002 Honda Civic, and she leaves for work at 7:25 every morning. She is also allergic to shellfish. Here are several recent photographs of her and half of the $12,000 we agreed to. But I sure hope nothing happens to her.”


Hey Luskin-- in the real world, being a smart atheist chick isnt an insult. Must you fail at everything?


Anonymous said...

Shorter Casey Luskin: I have absolutely no desire to put this uppity woman down or call her a bitch or a cunt or a whore or anything like that. So here is a bunch of stuff to give you a hand in putting this uppity woman down but make sure to be civil and not call her a bitch or a cunt or a whore or anything that we're actually thinking, even if Jebus hates her."

Bill said...

I think when you lie for a living that eventually you lie to yourself.

I'm sure Luskin believes himself that he's a great attorney and scientist when, in reality, he's earned the disrespect of both disciplines, reduced to an object of ridicule.

Forthekids said...


I *truly* believe that you would greatly benefit by talking with someone about your...well...hysterical outbursts and tendencies to severely bully those whom you disagree with.

Perhaps a priest??

Give it some thought, luv. I have connections...I can help.

Now, deep breath...pick up that phone, and seek that help you so desperately need.

I'll be praying for you...

Anonymous said...

Ah FtK, the world is not right when she isn't making pathetic attempts to defend her heroes when they get pwned.


"I *truly* believe that you would greatly benefit by talking with someone about your...well...hysterical outbursts and tendencies to severely bully those whom you disagree with."

You are so buying me a new irony meter.

Anonymous said...

Abbie, I've read Luskin's bullshit for some time and come to the inescapable conclusion that he would fuck up a wet dream.

Give him hell.

Bill said...

ERV's Bully Record

ERV documents error in Behe's book. Behe admits his mistake.

ERV reveals copyright infringement by Dembski. Dembski apologizes.

ERV reports on Luskin threatening a retired professor over a black and white school photo. Luskin cries like a little girl and tries to get someone else to defend him.

Documenting, revealing and reporting. Yep, tactics of the classical bully.

Jay said...

Won't SOMEBODY think of the children?!?

Nomad said...

Woah. He is SUCH a child. And THAT is the behavior of a lawyer who is a spokesperson/PR hack for the DI.

It's official. Waterloo is off. It's now the era of "I'm telling!" as a public relations strategy, complete with a side order of "eww, a girl, yucky!".


Really, think before you post these things. I know you don't care what we think, or about reality in general.. but are you intentionally trying to provide amusement for us?

Anonymous said...

Luskin was one of the co-authors of "Traipsing Into Evolution," the DI's response to Judge Jones' ruling in the Kitzmiller case. If "Traipsing" is indicative of Luskin's legal abilities, then he's as incompetent at that as he is in science.

Of course, his pathetic threats in the case Abbie described are indicative of his legal incompetence as well.

I wrote a review of "Traipsing." One version is at amazon.com. Another is at the NCSE web-site.

Tim Beazley

wackyvorlon said...

One thing I remember reading, and regrettably I forget just where, people never blame themselves. Al Capone considered himself a philanthropist, and was genuinely confused by the negativity he experienced. Similarly, even Hitler(it appears) felt he was protecting the world from a genuine menace.

Of course, neither of them were right. But there seems to be an ingrained quirk in human psychology that makes it very difficult to admit error to oneself.

Doppelganger said...

FtK giving advice on rational behavior???


At least Abbie doesn't feel the need to CENSOR comments...

Walt Brown, what a clown....

The Factician said...

She is also allergic to shellfish.

Heh, that's one of the funniest things you've written. Very nice.

J-Dog said...

I'm totally conflicted about Casey. Is he just the usual turd-brain creationist apologist, or sneaky dumb, like Ham? Is he a lier for profit, or a lier for Jesus?
Is making fun of his stupid comments a good thing, or should he be pitied, like a mental defective? Does FTK really think that praying for Abbie will do anything at all, or is she just playing up to the crowd?

On a lighter note, Way To Go Abbie - that's quite a string of scalps you are collecting! Behe, Dembski, and now Luskin. You are Darwin's Pit Bull In A T-Shirt.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow,

FTK concern-trolling yet again. Surprise, surprise, surprise...


Torbjörn Larsson said...

then he's as incompetent at that as he is in science

Quite possibly - in fact, it would be surprising if the lower ranks of IDC wouldn't to a large extent consist of incompetents like, say, FtK. It is just the scammers that needs some narrow competence.

Won't SOMEBODY think of the children?!?

Btw, the cognitive dissonance behind many fundamentalists shows itself in the most amusing places. I'm almost certain that is behind FtK's nom de guerre, as its anti-scientific context (as noted before) lends itself to the interpretation "Fu-...-jayjay the Kids".

andrew said...

He's also a hobbit (see 0:45 through to conclusion).

Anonymous said...

FtK said:

"Perhaps a priest??

Give it some thought, luv. I have connections...I can help.

Why ever would Abbie want to talk to a priest? And then again, why would a priest even consider talking to Abbie?

Think about it FtK, what possible reason would a priest have to interact with her? As a 7 foot tall Glamazon she's much too big and powerful to forcibly sodomize, so there goes the priest's whole incentive to meet her.

Anonymous said...

I've been enlightened on credentials of DI fellows. We tend to compare them with professional research scientists. They perhaps compare them with credentials of earlier creationists who had degrees from institutions such as Patriot University and Sequoia University. By comparison to classical creationists Casey is a serious intellectual.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Ftk can't handle her little sandbox play-pals being shown for the children they are.

That post was the definition of concern trolling.

J-Dog said...

Hey, I like the "Glamazon" label, but I think we need to find out from a person of interest, what they think... so Abbie? Is Glamazon Good or Bad?

Anonymous said...

Gary said:

"Is Glamazon Good or Bad?"

From the 1st definition at urban dictionary:

a tall beautiful woman, often a runway model.

Think 'glamorous amazon'. Definitely good.

Chris Noble said...

Dear Glamazon,
what about a day in the life of Denyse O'leary?

I vote this passage as the most mind numbingly stupid waffle ever.

Anyway, predictions, predictions. What does Darwinian evolution predict?

Strictly speaking, nothing. By definition, it is the one form of evolution that banished purpose (teleology) from nature. That was supposed to be its big advantage, right? So by definition, it makes no predictions. Not that you’d know, from Darwinist huffing.

Prediction, prediction .. I've got no idea what the word means but I'll waffle on about them anyway

I think one of the problems with Creationists is that they are stuck in an early childhood view of the world where anything and everything is imbued with teleology. Children typically see "purpose" in the behaviour of things like the sun and clouds etc. Most adults quickly realise that the world doesn't revolve around them and grow out of this delusion. Read some books by Piaget for some background.

EoRaptor013 said...

Dear ERV,
Ignoring the fact that I'm old enough to be your grandfather, will you be my girlfriend? ;-)
FWIW, and IMHO, you are truly amazing! To have so thoroughly taken down the Three Musketeers of professional ID hucksterism while continuing apace with your graduate studies and work is almost superhuman. Certainly I couldn't have done it back in the days. Of course, you don't have to carry around big bags of broken pottery to write your notes on.

Anonymous said...
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Rev. BigDumbChimp said...


ERV said...

Rev-- Oh gawd it was everywhere! It was in my raccoon wounds!!