Thursday, January 17, 2008

LIFE: What a Concept!

Cant post.

Too excited.

EDGE* just put up a pdf book/transcript of interviews and round-table discussions between:

LIFE: What a Concept!

Cant stop reading.

Will post on specifics in the article later.

*Also note that Venter and Dawkins will be speaking on "LIFE: A gene centric view" this coming Monday. Digital Life Design has videos of previous years conferences up-- Lets hope they share this one too!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Freeman Dyson talking about biology!

I think reading tea leaves has about the same level of predictive power as Dyson in discerning the future of biological research.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are so excited that you are going to throw up...all...over...

Anyway, my initial impression is not too keen on the inclusion of Dyson and Loyd. If I want physics and computer science, respectively, I'll consult them. There is something that annoys me about scientific egos pontificating on matters outside their discipline.

Craig Venter still rules, though.

The Factician said...

Freeman Dyson writing about biology.

Ugh. I started reading this piece, but it is so dominated by Dyson, and Dyson is so appallingly wrong on so many occasions, I just can't stand it.


ERV said...


Well just read Venters parts, then!

-DG said...

I read the short blurb for Dyson's essay and was immediately turned off. Venter's is better but Dyson's pre-Darwinian, Darwinian Interlude, and Post-Darwinian evolution stuff is pure garbage. Cultural evolution hasn't replaced anything, and in fact just re-arranges the fitness landscape that natural selection operates on (and even then only significantly re-arranges it for humans.) Horizontal gene transfer has always been rampant, including throughout Dyosn's so-called "Darwinian Interlude". BAH.

Oldfart said...

"BROCKMAN: It took two weeks for a 17-year-old to hack the iPhone — and
here we're talking about DNA writers and readers. That same kid is going to start
making people.
DYSON: That's true, the driving force is the parents, not the scientists. Fertility
clinics are a tremendously large and profitable branch of medicine, and that's
where the action is. There's no doubt this is going into fertility clinics as well. For
good or evil, that's happening.
BROCKMAN: But isn't this a watershed event because of our ideas about life?
What's possible will happen. What will the societal impact be?
DYSON: It's not true that what's possible will happen. We have strict laws about
experimenting with human subjects.
BROCKMAN: You can't hack an iPhone either; certain activities along these lines
are illegal."

It doesn't matter whether Dyson is wrong or right - the Evangelicals will pick up on this anyway.

Unknown said...

Abbie, I think Paul Nelson has a crush on you! Check out his recent Uncommon Descent post.

How compartmentalized is this guy's head that he can quotemine Venter?

Unknown said...

Personally I prefer an organismal centric view. But that's just me. :)

Gary S. Hurd said...

Well, Robert Shapiro has provided another decades worth of creationist quotes.

Friends like these are worse than enemies.

J-Dog said...

Abbie - You owe DRat07 at UD a drink!

You may not be able to post there anymore, but your rep lives on.


Gary S. Hurd said...

I hope you all take a break to listen to Behe spout off on christian radio.

Gary S. Hurd said...

Behe is slaming Abbie right now!

Anonymous said...

The crew at UD has already co-opted this document for their own purposes. Check it out. And they even include a picture of George Church. is this suppose to imply his endorsement of their IDist dogma?