Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jonny Lee Miller!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!




I friggen LOVED 'Hackers' when I was little! Even though Ive accepted the fact that every computer I screw with will inevitably go up in flames (not joking. true stories.), and became a biologist, 'hack the planet' is still a part of who I am today and my ultimate life goals-- Hack the planet-- sequence everything-- free all the information in DNA, control it, fix it...


(via Tatarize)


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate. I guess not everyone is willing to look reality in the face and accept it. However, you never know, perhaps at a later date he will realize that he was right to begin with and reject all this woo-woo nonsense again.

Rich Hughes said...

Well, he doesn't get to play with Angelina any more, although to honest she was better then.

J Myers said...

Hmmm... in the video, it seems the evidence does NOT indicate that the vaccine caused autism, and judging by a commercial I saw tonight, the hallucinations (or faith, if you'd rather) are caused by a brain tumor.

Anyway, it can't be any less accurate than Hackers was. Enjoy it for what it is!

Anonymous said...

To make you feel even better, NOT, here's an article in the HT about the series.

Tatarize said...

“Is there proof that mercuritol causes autism?,” Eli Stone says to the jury in summing up his lawsuit against the vaccine maker. “Yes,” he says. “Is that proof direct or incontrovertible proof? No. But ask yourself if you’ve ever believed in anything or anyone without absolute proof.”

I ripped out hairs watching that. There's also the super-secret company document that says it does cause autism and the vaccine maker not using his own vaccine. And some odd claim that he couldn't make an affordable vaccine without it.

The visions are said to be caused by a 3mm brain aneurysm. His acupuncturist suggest that there are two explanations the scientific and the divine.


The Rev. Jenner J. Hull said...

I can accept crazy, woo-woo shit from a show like "Lost."

After all, it focuses on a group of people surviving a plane crash which no one could've survived, a paraplegic walking again, people seeing tactile hallucinations from their past, polar bears on a tropical island, smoke monsters, and a shadowy cabal that seems to know every thing in the goddamn world.

That's fine, to me, because the whole premise is so ridiculous that it almost begs for woo-woo shit. And it's fiction masquerading as, strictly, outlandish fiction.

Maybe the writers of "Eli Stone" should stay on strike. Because, if they don't take themselves too seriously, they take the anti-vaxxers way the fuck too seriously.

And I, too, was happy to hear that Miller was back on the scene, but the first preview of the show I saw was so cheesy that I just sighed and said, "Oh, well. As far as awesome 'Trainspotting' actors go, there's always Robert Carlyle."

Come back to us, Robert Carlyle! You haven't done anything kick ass since "Ravenous!"