Tuesday, January 15, 2008

EXPELLED: Creationism isnt Christianity! Really!

The producers of EXPELLED have figured out a nifty way to drum up interest in their movie: Bribe schools to have 'mandatory field trips' to EXPELLED. Christian schools.

Q: What’s the best way to get our school families to come out to the movies?

A: In speaking with Christian Schools, we’ve found that hosting a school-wide “mandatory” field trip is the best way to maximize your school’s earning potential. Send a field trip home with your middle school and high school students, have each child pay for their own ticket, then collect the stubs at the door once you get to the movie theater. With this model, you also will be able to benefit from the ticket stubs purchased by parents who choose to come as well.
Whats a great way to boost movie ticket sales? FORCING KIDS TO GO AND MAKING THEM PAY FOR THEIR OWN TICKETS! OF COURSE!
What is the Expelled Challenge?
To engage Christian schools to get as many students, parents, and faculty from your school out to see Ben Stein’s new movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (opening in theaters April 2008).

Here are some suggestions as to how to do that: Organize a school field trip and invite parents to attend as well. Offer extra credit to your students to go on their own time. What is the reward?
Generous donations can be awarded to schools according to the number of movie ticket stubs they turn in. By accepting this challenge, your school could be awarded a donation up to $10,000, just for bringing your kids to see this film! Your school will be awarded a donation based upon the number of ticket stubs you turn in (see submission instructions in FAQ section). That structure is as follows:
0-99 ticket stubs submitted = $5 per ticket stub
100-299 ticket stubs submitted = $1,000 donated to your school
300-499 ticket stubs submitted = $2,500 donated to your school
500 ticket stubs submitted = $5,000 donated to your school
Each school across the nation will be competing for the top honor of submitting the most ticket stubs with that school having their $5,000 donation matched for a total donation of $10,000!
Hmm... So who the hell is paying for all of this?
Q: How are the funds for the donations being provided?

A: Being that this film is viewed as history changing, funds have been provided by the Faith and Arts Community Endeavor project, specifically for Christian schools, organizations, and groups to encourage them to see the film and engage these Important issues.
So I Googled "Faith and Arts Community Endeavor project". One hit. The EXPELLED website.

So I Googled "Ground Force Network", where you have to mail your ticket stubs, and found this.
Once you sign up on this website to become a volunteer “Field Agent” for GFN, you will have the opportunity to promote a variety of faith-based products, music releases, films and events. Some are concentrated on the college level, while some are more targeted to the church. We call these projects “Ground Wars.” You will always have the option to sign up for each project, and we will equip and direct you every step of the way.

But ID Creationism has nothing to do with Christianity. So... If a bit group of atheists register, we get money back? Hmm-- $7.50 ticket-$5 = EXPELLED for $2.50 and 2 hours of your life. Any big atheist groups want to try to register?

(Hat tip to AtBC-- ALL SCIENCE SO FAR!!!)


Mister DNA said...

Being that this film is viewed as history changing...

History changing, indeed. All that's going to change is Ben Stein's career will go further into the toilet, and ID will somehow manage to become even less scientific.

What a great way to get kids interested in ID - force them to sit through two hours of Tard AND Ben Stein's monotone.

Unknown said...

"field agent" "ground war"...Ugh Creepy.

J-Dog said...

Jeez... I feel strongly both ways.
I would like to take their money, but I would hate to give them the satisfaction of claiming me as a viewer.

WWSD? What Would Socrates Do?


Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

But ID Creationism has nothing to do with Christianity.

In fairness to the producers of Expelled, it should be pointed out that they have been consistent in their failure to grasp the "ID is not religion" canard.

Robbie said...

What an awesome idea! Pay people to see your movie. I totally expect the rest of Hollywood to follow suit in order to improve the lagging box-office trend.

Martin said...

What an awesome idea! Pay people to see your movie.

Yeah, I'm surprised Uwe Boll hasn't thought of it.

Jay said...

lol Martin. Be careful, though, Boll might fight you.

And I'm with Travis on this film's strategy: Creeeeeeeeeeepy.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

More evidence that ID has nothing at all to do with religion:
DEBATE: Atheism vs. Theism and The Scientific Evidence of Intelligent Design
Why would they debate the evidence for ID on the same bill with theism? And why would they invite famous atheist (and not scientist) Christopher Hitchens to participate?