Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Remember last year when I debated Lenny Horowitz on 'The Debate Hour with the Infidel Guy'? Well, Reggie and his crew have been following my fun with Behe and Dembski and asked if I would be willing to debate Michael Behe on the evolution of HIV-1 for another show!

My response: "YEEEEEEEES!! WHOOO!!!"

Behes response: ..................**crickets chirping**................


Sorry, I was a tease in the title. Behes not gonna show.

Maybe hes just too busy for radio interviews? Ooops! Nope! He has time for interviews with radical Christian talk-radio programs! But he doesnt have time to defend his own claims about the evolution of HIV-1. IG is always very fair to the... dissenting... point of view in the debates he moderates (just listen to my debate with Horowitz, we let Lenny just keep going and going... hehe!)

Even Behe cant defend Behe.

Oh well, the show will go on! Im going to talk about how students and interested laymen can and should confront Professional Creationists and pseudoscientists, and share some tips and tricks I have learned on my adventures. You can listen to the show live on IGs site 7 pm Central Time on February 7th!


Jon Voisey said...

Makes marks on calendar.

Bill said...

So, Behe's a coward?

I am truly shocked.

Well, maybe not truly.

Well, maybe not shocked.

Unknown said...

Well, you already humiliated, punked, and pwned Behe over HIV receptor sites, Abbie, and then scared the crap out of his buddy Dembski by catching him red-handed as a plagiarist as an encore.

Did you really dare hope he'd get his shit and guts together after that thrashing and have at you again? After the mill you put him through, he's been "ground exceeding small," and will doubtless stick to comfortable, controlled fundy venues, where there will be no Mean Girls to beat him up.

-- HalfMooner

J-Dog said...

Hey, if you need a Washington Generals to your Harlem Globetrotter stuff, give me a call! I can sound as stoo-pid as Behe, but I have hair and don't wear plaid shirts like a lumberjack. Or Behe.

But srusly - All the Creos I know think that God has given them all the answers, so it shouldn't be hard to find a willing loser god shill that you can stomp on to our great delight and edification.

Maybe FTK can recommend a martyer?


J-Dog said...

pps: Wish I could edit -

Congrats on the Internet Show - i put you down on my calendar.

Remind me to pump you up at ATBC too.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

Maybe the host could do the 'empty chair' routine to rub in the fact that Behe is a no-show.

"And what do you have to say in response to that, prof. Behe? ... Prof Behe? ... Oh that's right, Prof. Behe declined an invitation to appear on tonight's show."

Iron Soul said...

You should do a post on your tips and tricks for laymen. You know for us non-scientist to reference.

Mister DNA said...

Maybe the host could do the 'empty chair' routine to rub in the fact that Behe is a no-show.

Better yet, get the actor who played him in PBS' Judgment Day to sit in for him.

Anonymous said...

RE Behe not showing:

Of course he won't show up. A woman's place is not on a radio show and definitely not in a lab. He won't encourage such behavior.

Yeesh, when we need all the bright minds we can get, these people want to disable half the population.

Torbjörn Larsson said...

Seems ERV is one irreducible complexity Behe doesn't want to come near.