Monday, January 28, 2008

ERV decends further into her woo

Every time I post on my woo, I feel its necessary to write a short apology for any new readers. Okay, now, a lot of the usual commenters around here have gotten used to my personal woo, but I need to warn the new readers that your beloved ERV, stomper of Creationists, smasher of anti-vaxers, smusher of HIV-Deniers, is a full blown Pit Bull Denier.

Im hopeless.

I cant even be persuaded by PETAs iron clad logic to kill Arnie.

So be aware that this post is all Pit Bull Denier propaganda.


So everyone remembers the Michael Vick fiasco. Disgusting piece of shit was fighting pit bulls, electrocuting/body slamming/shooting dogs that didnt fare well, etc. I can barely breath thinking about the torture Arnie lived through before I found him-- so I saw those dogs, and I saw Arnie, and I thought of all the other dogs still out there, and I think of my baby Arnie... Im bawling as I write this post.

Over 50 dogs were taken from Vicks compound. Contrary to PETAs oh-so-ethical desire to kill all that worthless 'kennel trash', only one needed to be put down for aggression (maybe if they had come a day sooner...). One needed to be put down for breast cancer (from over breeding). What happened to the other dogs?

WONDERFUL news!!! The court gag order over the dogs was lifted this week, so the media is finally getting to report on the other puppies: THEYRE DOING GREAT!!!!

... The Oakland, California-based pit bull rescue and education group Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, or BAD RAP, which had done similar rescues from busts in California, asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gill for permission to evaluate and rescue as many of the dogs as possible, with the hope of eventually placing them in adoptive homes.

"Much to our amazement, he said yes," said Reynolds, who heads BAD RAP. "This doesn't happen. People don't say yes to pit bulls."


... Nearly half have been sent to a Utah sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society, where handlers will work with them. None showed human aggression and many have potential for adoption someday. Others, evaluated as being immediate candidates for foster care and eventual adoption, went to several other groups.


As part of his plea deal, Vick agreed to pay for the dogs' care.


All of those puppies 'quirks' are Arnies 'quirks'-- stealing underwear out of the laundry basket, obsession with peanut butter filled KONG toys, "the thump-thump-thump of happy tails", acting like a goof ball at the AKC 'good citizen' classes, even good taste in classical music:
"I put on Yo-Yo Ma one day and he cocked his head, laid down and listened to the cello next to the speaker," Nuccio said. "He's turning out to be a man of high class and culture."
Meh, but what do they know. Pit Bull Deniers, the lot of em.


Anonymous said...

As another Pit owner, I can say I'm a Denier as well. It's a great irony that the qualities that make Pits such wonderful pets are the same that lead people to breed them for fighting: tenacity, intelligence, personality and a great desire to please their owners.

It does my heart good to see those dogs doing so well.

dochocson said...

I believe that with dogs, how they are raised far outweighs any genetic influence.

We had German Shepherds when I was growing up, and at the time, the breed was responsible for the majority of bites/attacks in the US. Ours were as mellow as you could get. Neighborhood kids could darn near ride them, and at most would get a nudge if the dog got annoyed.

Any macho dipwad with sexual inadequacy issues can turn a dog into a killer.

Sadly, the same thing can happen to kids raised in a crappy environment.

Anonymous said...

Skip all that "denier" stuff. It's the responsibility of the Pit Bull Haters to prove their case.

My favorite dog trainer in all the world was a rescuer of pit bulls (in the SF Bay area) and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn she has one or two of these poor casualties of human viciousness.

They can be wonderful pets and I hope that Michael Vick and his ilk roast in the hell I don't believe in. It would almost be worth becoming religious...

I love dogs because they love us back -- even dogs that have been treated cruelly.

Anonymous said...

I don't have much experience with dogs so I can't comment from personal experience (although I have had bad run-ins with pit bulls). However you seem to be making an argument about pit-bulls in general based on your own experiences with one pit bull. Not trying to be rude, but as a scientist you should know that that is a no-no. The behaviour of dogs is influenced by training and their owners but its not really outlandish to suggest that some breeds of dogs are more aggressive by nature than others. That does not mean they are unable to become good dogs - its just that they are a bigger risk to the community.

ERV said...

Dr. V-- please read my little essay, BULLSHIT! BSL

It includes a few tidbits, like on breed temperament tests, AmStaffs and other bully breeds score (slightly) better than Golden Retrievers.

Caliban said...

That story made my day--some good news from an ugly episode. Just saw your slide show of Arnie. He seems very sweet, but I am a little concerned about how his eyes occasionally emit a blue glow. Pit Bulls do not concern me, but cleverly disguised robots hiding in plain site . . .

Caliban said...

err, sight.

Anonymous said...

I'm not prejudiced against pit bulls -- I hate all dogs equally. Give me a LOLcat any day.

Dr G said...

Great to hear good things came out of that whole fiasco...

Arnie's definitely a cool customer!

BTW, In my line of work its chihuahuas & min pins you got to keep your eye on!

Nomad said...

I'll have to stay a wee bit skeptical about this, but I've had my impression of a breed changed before. I always used to think that Rottweilers looked mean and nasty. Then a local barn where some family members rode horses got a Rottweiler as a guard dog, fitted with the standard spiked collar.

And I absolutely loved her. I'd go to visit and rather than see the horses I'd play with the dog. The best example I have of her is that she once sat on my foot so I couldn't get away and leaned into my leg to get attention. I thought she was growling at me until I realized it was a canine equivalent of a purr. I've never heard anything like that before.

I'm told she would still growl at strangers, but I didn't get any special introduction to her and we got along fabulously. I'm a rottie fan for life.

As a side note, their other guard dog (I wasn't sure of the breed, it might have been mixed) was also a big teddy bear of a dog. She would run over to greet someone but build up too much steam and run right past them.

I think their only hope of security was any would be interlopers not knowing the truth about those dogs.

Anonymous said...
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