Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ERV attains immortality


Im a character in the 'Zombie Hitler' series.

*cries tears of joy* This is better than a friggen Nobel!!!!!


Unknown said...

sigh...Once they hit the big time , they never come back to simple science again. ;-)

Reynold said...
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Reynold said...

Just make sure you don't make the same mistake that Afarensis made, Abbie.

Don't wear a red shirt.

If you are, take it off, now!

Reynold said...

Well, speaking of Hitler, there's a truly moronic post at the Culture Watch site.

He does a very positive review of John West's book Darwin Day in America.

I commented there, but it's very hit and miss as to whether my comments show up on that guy's site.

So, just in case, I'll repeat here what I've said there:

When it comes to eugenics, you should do a little more reading; I guess West should too. In fact, this article was specifically written with West in mind.

So, ask yourself: Why did the Tinkle's fellow YECers not jump on him when he wrote favourably of eugenics?

Much more troubling, however, are Tinkle’s opinions of almost 30 years later, in his book “Heredity. A study in science and the Bible” published in 1967, while Tinkle was the Secretary of the Creation Research Society. In its chapter “The prospect for eugenics”, far from having abandoned his support for the practice, Tinkle sounds more radical about it. He writes positively about sterilization for the “feeble-minded” (carefully classified as “morons”, “imbeciles” and “idiots”) and people with other hereditary conditions. Sterilization in a male, he says “is a simple operation”, and “in a girl or woman, [it] is as serious as removal of the vermiform appendix” [11, p. 139]. While he admits that it is impractical to sterilize all “defectives”, he still thinks it’s worth a shot when possible:

(read on, it gets better)

One of the commentators has the answer...eugenics fell under the category of "microevolution"...they weren't trying to change humanity into another species (that'd be "macroevolution"), they were trying to purify the human race.

That'd fall under changes within a kind...something that Gish, Morris et al. had no problem with when Tinkle wrote his pro-eugenic works.

Of course, now that eugenics has a bad reputation, you people hope that no one digs up that information, otherwise, it'd be less mud to throw at a scientific theory.

And how many times do we have to deal with that canard of Hitler/Darwinism?

This must be an example of the old "repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it" trick.

CJSkeptic said...

I always thought Zombie Hitler got a bad rap. He can't help it that he's the reanimated corpse of one of the most evil men to ever live.

I've finally got the audio up from the OKC anti-vaccer rally.


Zarquon said...

I hope Orac pays you well.

Evolved Rationalist said...

Congratulations :-)

Anonymous said...
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