Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Day in the Life of a DI Fellow: Part II

What did you all do yesterday?

If you are like most people, you work and/or go to school during the week. Maybe you are studying for your CDL test, maybe you are teaching some fourth graders fractions, maybe you helped deliver a baby after you had been on shift for 18 hours, maybe you folded 928,656 sweaters at Old Navy and youre going to fold
928,656 again tomorrow, maybe you retired a few years ago but you still had shit to do around the house. You worked. You did things.

Normal people like you and me work.

But what does a DI Fellow do every day?


Have you ever wondered what Michael Behe does all day?

Well, as a professor of biochemistry at Lehigh university, his day is filled with lots of sciency things, even though his colleagues want nothing to do with him. You know, sciency stuff, like doing radio interviews for radical Christian talk radio shows.

Thats funny, cause, a month ago, Infidel Guy contacted both Behe and I to do a radio show.

Hi Dr. Behe-
I'm the producer to Reginald Finley, the host of "Live with the Infidel Guy" and "The Debate Hour" talk programs. We'd like to know if you would be interested in being a guest on our program for an informal debate with a prominent biologist. Mr. Finley has been in talk media for 8 years with over 100,000 fans internationally. His programs are the oldest and most downloaded freethought talk shows on the Web. Our programs typically deal with issues pertaining to science, philosophy, theology, and pop culture. We would love to talk to you more and have you discuss your work, specifically Irreducible Complexity and ID, with our listeners. Let us know of your interest and we will schedule you as soon as possible.
On a personal note- I enjoyed seeing you on your first book tour when I was young biochemistry student at the University of Georgia.

Pfff. Well now I feel like a loser. Look at the email I got:
Hi Abbie!
I spoke with ____ recently and he suggested you might be available to deconstruct Michael Behe/ID for us on an upcoming show. Please let us know of your interest in this- we would love to have you on. As you know the show airs live at 8pm EST every Thursday.
I responded within an hour. "ME?? BEHE?? LIVE?? NOMNOMNOM!!!"

Behe, naturally, was ecstatic to have an opportunity to confront the Mean Girl that bullied him and shove it to the Darwinists.
But, Infidel Guy tries really, really hard to be fair to 'the other side' of debates. He has the luxury of letting some comments slide due to the skeptical nature of his audience (listen to my 'debate' with Lenny-- we just let that guy keep going omgrofl!). Unlike the Christian show that let Behe dog me while they didnt even attempt to get me on their show, IG did not want his show to be me smacking on Behe behind his back, so they sent a second email.

Hi Dr. Behe-
I apologize for sending a second request but I wanted to give you the opportunity to respond. Abbie Smith has agreed to be our guest on show to discuss ID and the arguments you have made for it. I believe you have had an ongoing dialogue with her in the cyber world and we wanted to get the two of you together to discuss these issues in real time. Abbie is scheduled to be on Thursday, February 7th at 8pm EST. However, if you wanted to be on we could re-schedule for a date that is convenient for both of you. Let us know of your interest and we will schedule you accordingly.
The response:
Hi, ___, sorry for not replying earlier. I appreciate your asking me, but I'm not interested in doing the show. Best wishes.

Mike Behe
'Not interested.'

Well, I kinda figured you were 'not interested' in HIV research, LiLo, cause you didnt even Google 'HIV' before you decided to write a whole book on what it can and cannot do. Kinda figured you were 'not interested' in HIV research because your response to my essays was that the hard work of hundreds of scientists was 'pathetic'. OH LOOK! More PATHETIC RESEARCH on Vpu in that PATHETIC journal, NATURE!

Yeah. Its the *research* thats pathetic, Behe.

Not *you*.


But just so we are clear, dear readers, the same folks that call scientists 'cowards' for not debating them, the ones that scream that their views are 'stifled', the same ones that demand the strengths AND weaknesses of 'theories' are brought to light, are 'not interested' in debating me on a topic they chose to be an 'authority' on!

I didnt bring up HIV-1. Behe did. And now hes 'not interested' in talking about it anymore... With me. To radical Christians hes all kinds of gabby.

You know, far be it from me to call LiLo a big fat phony. Thats something a Mean Girl would do.


Anonymous said...

At this point Behe doesn't even really seem interested in promoting the ID agenda, much less actually contributing to science. The guy is out to make a career for himself as an apologist. Guess it pays at least as well as actual science with about a 10th. of the actual work. And credulous followers are always easier to please than technically demanding colleagues.

Same thing goes for Dembski, Well and the rest of the gaggle at Disco.

Mister DNA said...

Behe is an expert witness in the Association of Christian Schools International et al. vs. Roman Stearns case, where he's testified that the textbooks published by Bob Jones U. are sound science.

What a douche.

Bill said...

Actually, Behe is quite trim for a phony.

Anonymous said...

Abbie: You have now smacked down Dembski, Behe and other Iders with real science and some bulldog ferocity! No wonder Behe is afraid to debate you directly. Also, he likely has a yellow streak down his back. Keep at 'em.

Orac said...


Here's another podcast you could suggest for you and Dr. Behe: Audiomartini. Rick Wood is a skeptic, but I've never seen any skeptic who goes more out of his way to be fair to the people he interviews. In fact, he does it almost to a fault. One time he had Tom Metzger (an infamous neo-Nazi) on his show, and, although there were times I wanted to yell at him to take down the despicable racist), he managed to make Metzger look like a fool with civility. Ditto when he had Holocaust denier Mark Weber on.

In any case, he's about as close to a neutral skeptical forum as there is. If Behe were to refuse to show up with you on Audiomartini, it would be even more damning than his refusal to be on the Infidel Guy with you.

Anonymous said...

Ms Smith,
After following your splendidly splenetic posts for some time now I reckon you've rightfully inherited the mantle of none other than Thomas Huxley, aka Darwin's bulldog. Keep up the bull baiting!
Alan Bird.

Anonymous said...

Pitbull, not bulldog.

If I remember Arnie's breed correctly.