Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ben Stein-- Not on the 'Jew Mailing List'

Ben Stein is a Jew.

A Jew who is aligning himself with Creationists at no benefit to himself, only the Creationists (LOOK! NOT ALL CREATIONISTS ARE RADICAL CHRISTIANS! LOOK! WE HAVE A JEW! **points to Ben**)

Unfortunately, Ben has been so busy with his new Dominionist Christian friends that he hasnt been checking his Jew voice-mails:

In a media teleconference for the film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” on Tuesday, Stein pointed out that Darwinian teaching on natural selection and random mutation "led in a straight line to the holocaust and Nazism."

Darwin said that there were certain species that were superior to other species and all were competing for scarce supplies of food or resources, Stein pointed out. But if there was a limited supply of basic resources, Darwinism taught that "you owe it to the superior race to kill the inferior race," he told reporters.

The ADL spoke out against this shit a year and a half ago. Abraham H. Foxman:
Hitler did not need Darwin to devise his heinous plan to exterminate the Jewish people. Trivializing the Holocaust comes from either ignorance at best or, at worst, a mendacious attempt to score political points in the culture war on the backs of six million Jewish victims and others who died at the hands of the Nazis.

Certainly some sects of Judaism are Creationists. And certainly I as an atheist with no psychological ties to any religion (though my mother is Jewish) should just ignore this. But just as a human I am disgusted at how easily Creationists have held up the millions of Holocaust corpses to support their cause.

Its sick.

It makes me feel sick.

And I caution Ben to remember that he is Jewish, and to heed Foxmans warning about his new found friends:
"It must be remembered that D. James Kennedy is a leader among the distinct group of 'Christian Supremacists' who seek to "reclaim America for Christ" and turn the U.S. into a Christian nation guided by their strange notions of biblical law."

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J-Dog said...

Poor Ben. Used and abused, and evidently liking the attention. There is a word for these people, and the word is "stupid".

Perhaps if we took up a collection to send him to Treblinka, or Dachau it might be an inspiration and learning experience for him. The Save Ben Stein From Himself Fund. Of course, it would be a 403b and fully tax deductible. Origianally this was known as the Save Stein Fund, but somehow the SS initials together did not seem appropriate. Maybe Ben would comprehend after he visits.


Free Lunch said...

Gary, you are far too kind to Stein. He has joined the modern version of the SS with his silly, anti-science, pro-dominionist movie. No doubt, he will find excuses for agreeing to work with those who want to (allegedly metaphorical) exterminate Jews. Many have in the past.

John Pieret said...


Did you know how close Wild Bill Dembski came to saying just that? Only it was at the Sixth Miami International Conference on Torah and Science:

Dembski hopes the conversation that began at the Torah and Science conference will continue, and that some Jewish scientists will eventually lend their talents to the intelligent design movement. "It would be huge in terms of PR because it would give lie to this idea that this is just a conservative Christian thing," he explains. "It would also expand our talent pool immensely."

Well, we already knew creationism was a conservative Muslim thing, so if it becomes a conservative Jewish thing wouldn't be all that surprising. And as far as their talent pool is concerned, finding someone with any would increase it from zero to one ... which I guess is immense, come to think of it.

Unknown said...

A Jew who is aligning himself with Creationists at no benefit to himself, only the Creationists (LOOK! NOT ALL CREATIONISTS ARE RADICAL CHRISTIANS! LOOK! WE HAVE A JEW! **points to Ben**)

Well, I assume he's being paid a fair amount. He should be, since it appears that Ruloff is rich enough. But he is whining at lost opportunities due to his participation in "the project" already, which would hardly be surprising or unwarranted (would anybody whose work depends on the 1st Amendment really like Ben's implications that the gov't should be forcing creo-talk into science?).

So it's probably not very smart of him, financially. As gary said, he probably likes the attention. I'd surmise that he also wishes to redeem himself for his writing for Nixon ("they really are persecuted"), he gets to poke his nose into science, which he obviously doesn't understand at all, and feel like he's superior to all of those science nerds. Perhaps therapy, perhaps merely an exhibition of his neuroses, and above all, he no doubt is feeling important.

But anyway, Ben adds virtually no talent to the ID movement, save some more ability to pile on a shitload of propaganda. You might think someone who has been a professional writer could actually better the drivel coming out of that camp, yet I don't think anyone who has read his blogs, seen the trailers, or encountered his interviews, would suppose that he is any more impressive than Dembski or Behe, just better known.

In fact, the DI may not be pleased with Ben's (along with the rest of Expelled's makers) frank avowal of ID as religion. More certainly, they can't be pleased with his nonsense like that cells may be intelligent (see, amoebas are bright enough to direct their own evolution, yet they can only react dumbly to their surroundings with stereotypical behaviors).

In the end it may be that neither Stein nor ID has benefited from his blathering. We should know either way in a few months.

Glen Davidson

Reynold said...

I've commented elsewhere about the causes of anti-semitism; naturally my comments about Foxman were not well recieved by one of the other commentators; one Johnathan Sarfati of CMI. He's one of the worst ones out there to try to blame "darwinism" for anti-semitism.

Just check out what he says about Foxman.

After messing up a few times on the rules on Culture Watch my further replies to that particular post didn't get through.

I wound up just posting my comments on Skeptic Friends instead.