Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Question about Anti-Science and ERVs

I recently stumbled across another anti-science blog. Normally Id just ignore it (unless its a tard-mine, like UD), but this one figured out how to keep my attention: Theyre trying to combine ERVs, epigenetics, and anti-evolution.

Theyre The Anti-ERV.

And though Im not linking to them until I can get a real post up, Ive got to wonder out loud, out of exasperation: Why do anti-science people (Deniers, Creationists) really REALLY want endogenous retroviruses to be the source of exogenous retroviruses?

I dont get it.

I kinda get it with the Deniers-- they want people to think HIV is not an STD/blood-born pathogen. But whats up with the Creationists? Are they just trying to figure out a way to deny common descent? "OMG ERVS R FRONT LOADED PUNISHMENT FOR TEH FALL!! THEY R LIKE MINES! SIN=RETROVIRUS!"?



The Factician said...

I wonder about this kind of thing (particularly, like now, when I have a glass of bourbon).

I sort of think that we all enjoy having a secret that no one else knows. Or rather, that we've figured out the truth and no one else has. It's a way to make us special. Different. Above the crowd.

At the end of the day, the vast majority of us will just be drones in the crowd. And we all, deep down, would like to be the next Einstein.

I think this is what motivates many deniers. And at the same time, they lack the skill, intellect and luck required to be the next Einstein.

My $0.02. Worth the price paid. ;)

Jack said...

Give 'em hell, ERV, but don't forget to raise a glass in celebration of the holiday today.

Merry Kitzmas, everyone!


James Hanley said...

Ms. Smith,

Is it possible to give me a brief explanation of what endogenous retroviruses and exogenous retroviruses are? I know what endogenous and exogenous mean, I know (sort of) what a virus is, and I even know what retro means. But put it all together and I'm clueless.

You have an excellent blog--I'd like to be able to follow you a bit better.

tsjok45 said...

There is one Dutch creationist ... Dr Peter Borger
( inventor of the "GutoB" theory ) who claims that ALL exogenous virusses are the result of inbuilt (= designed and created ) mobile genetic elements (=called ( inbuilt ) variation inducing elements or vige's ) in every "special created " MPG ( = Multi-purpose -Genome = the fancy name for "kind"or "baramin " )

You can find some of his "theories " here

GUToB Artikelen on line:

Genetic Redundancy - The ultimate design argument.

Shared mutations - common descent or common mechanism?

He is also announcing the comoing release of :

"The Darwin Delusion or: Why biology terminates Darwin's era" (To be released)

"The GUToB - The general and universal theory of biology" (To be released: 2009)

tsjok45 said...

Sorry ,
I forgot the url's

Here they are :

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like Dembski's at it again: Not science, of course, but something almost as productive. He's having a !

Merry Kitzmas! Just a part of the overall celebrations.