Sunday, December 30, 2007

Its their paradigm shift and they'll cry if they want to

Considering the ID Creationism movement is made up entirely of white, aging, fundamentalist Christian men, the sheer number of temper-tantrums we have witnessed in 2007 is jaw-dropping. While us hoity-toity Ivory Tower scientists were busy doing research, it appears Creationists were only willing to expend energy wallowing on the ground, pounding their fists, and screaming until they turned blue.

For instance, I finally got back from vacation, and since in science no vacation goes unpunished, Ive spent the past couple of days in the lab catching up. So once again, I missed a fun Dembski temper tantrum, and you all missed out on some details that would have made the temper tantrum all the more enjoyable:

A few posters were wondering what Peter Irons had to do with any of this-- Why the hell is Irons emailing Big Billy about 'Design of Life' and 'Inner Life of a Cell'?

Thats my doing. I had seen Peters work on Pharyngula before, and thought he would be an excellent contact for Harvard/XVIVO. I mean, you know Harvard Law doesnt think it needs help with anything, but you also know that Average Joes have no idea what Professional Creationists are like, and what they are capable of. Something that may appear to be innocent, turns out to be malicious. And, there is a lot about Dembski they wouldnt know unless they were one of us.

Peter (and Afarensis!) is the one that found Dembskis trail of droppings in the 'Design of Life'. So, after I made my post on the topic December 24th, Peter sent Dembski an email pointing to my blog. Considering the fact that Dembski doesnt read his own blog, I dont expect him to read mine to see my posts about him. Thus, Peters email was a courtesy to Dembski. Now that Dembski is aware of our findings, he can refute them right?


Enter his "LEEEEEEEAAAAAAVE MEEE ALOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" email to Peter.

Several weeks earlier, Dembski was also involved in an email conversation with John Kwok. Dembski didnt appear to be annoyed or bothered in his emails at all (though AtBCers take note-- even in private emails, Dembski writes "BUY MY BOOK"). After the Amazon escapade, John started teasing Dembski about buying him a camera lens as an apology/Christmas present.

Instead of ignoring those emails, or marking them as junk, Dembski who had no problem conversing with John a month ago suddenly needed to scream "LEEEEEEEAAAAAAVE MEEE ALOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

John got the same email as Peter. But dont forget, Billy D was the one who posted the home phone numbers and addresses of some people at Baylor and encouraged everyone at UD to send them a message.


But Dembski isnt the only baby throwing fits. John West brought out the "War on Christmas" dead horse to address the 'Inner Life' scandal.

Never mind the whole thing happened in September, "EVILUTIONISTS HATE BABY JESUS SQUEEEEEEE!!!" He also found it necessary to replace "Abigail" with "DARWINISTS" to rile up the other Creationist babies, and of course DARWINISTS=NAZIS... "DARWINISTS!!! DARWINISTS!!!! NAZIS!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" as he franticly looks for 'Greg'.

Guillermo Gonzalez
and Nathaniel Abraham were caterwauling because their Creationism rendered them impotent: "GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!! MINE MINE MINE!!! MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!"

And then theres Mikey Behe. I thought I was special for getting a "YOURE MEEEEEEEEEAN!! YOURE SO MEAAAAAAAAN! MOMMIE!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" when in fact, months earlier he had done the exact same thing to David Levine. Ive still got Levine one-upped, though, as Behe didnt tell him to go kill himself (you want your children to have Behe for a teacher, dont ya? Telling students to go kill themselves?).

Banner year for ID.

Its their paradigm shift and theyll cry if they want to.
CRYYYYYYYYYY if they want to.
CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY if they want to.
You would cry too if you sucked at life too!


Tyler DiPietro said...

Abbie wins.

Though of course taking down creationists has become a major "fish-in-bucket" affair. I'm looking for a new target to waste my braincells on, and I've narrowed it down to a few candidates.

Bill said...

Don't tell John West, but I know where Greg is.

Shhhhhh, it's a secwet!

Delta Pi Gamma

Ian said...

Wow - that's brilliant. Too funny. But...I don't think Denyse O'Leary is a man. Presumably Ray show up soon and use that as an argument to disprove evolution.

John Pieret said...

Ouch. I missed where Behe told you to off yourself. Somebody wound his coil way too tight.

As for Denyse's (accent on the "Deny") status as a white, aging, fundamentalist Christian man, have you seen her picture?

No, no . . . forget I said that! My bad, my bad!

Gary said...

john p - Ha! Yeah - Not that I am believeing anything in the bible, but for those that actually take is seriously, I think intercourse with "Denyse" is covered in Leviticus... something about lie not with animals or dogs or something.

Abbie - Beautiful, as always. i took a couple of days too, but it wa a comfort to know that you would bring the hurt on IDCists when I got back.

Happy Effing New Year! (And how do you celebrate that in Normon? They give out free baloons at the John Deere dealership or something?

Dan said...

You shouldn't be so mean (hahaha)... I mean, these guys have a "sound scientific argument" (hehehe), and they deserve to be listened to (bwaahahaha). In fact, they have...

Man... It's freakin' impossible keeping that up for any length of time. In fact, I think Dembski should get a medal for his tenacity in clinging to The Burning Stupid.

Bayesian Bouffant, FCD said...

BTW, I notice that Mike Gene has a book out. It has only two reviews, both 5-star.

Joe said...

I just became acquainted with a fundy, young earth creationist. He's my newest coworker. This whole 'saved' thing is new to him. So I get to hear about everything. Evolution is a lie. The Earth is only 4,500 years old. Science is a religion. He can't believe I think I actually "came from monkeys".

He found a picture from the Hubble telescope that shows a nebula with an apparent 'X' on it and mentioned that it must have been terrible for the Atheist astronomer who looked at the photos and the first thing he sees is a nebula with a cross on it.

I found your blog after meeting him. Thanks!