Sunday, December 16, 2007

ERVs = Bible Code

This new entry to the Index of Creationist Claims about ERVs comes to us via Uncommon Descent commenter JoeG, who has 'forgotten more about ERVs than youll ever know'*:

Fact 1- A virus can be manufactured just by matching a sequence

Fact 2- That we think we see ERVs in genomes (or fragments of ERVs) means that there is a sequence match.

Take those two facts together and it is easy to see one can create a virus even if there was no virus originally.
See? ERVs are just like the Bible Code for evilutionists! You can make a genome say anything you want! Know a retrovirus sequence? Just by chance, if you match a retrovirus sequence with a human sequence, youll think you see ERVs there! But they arent ERVs-- Theyre... something else (dont ask him what).
In the end, pertaing to ERVs, all you have is that “they look like ERVs to me”. If that passes for science then “It looks designed” also passes.
Unfortunately, thats not how bioinformatics works (intro genetics must be part of that ERV stuff that JoeG has already forgotten). If Bible-Code bioinformatics were possible, the entire field would be useless-- you couldnt separate the wheat from the chaff. The fact of the matter is, bioinformatics, especially regarding ERVs, is precise. Different families of retroviruses leave distinct footprints in our genome. It is not magic.

And, retroviruses becoming endogenous entities is not a magical occurrence that only happened long ago in a galaxy far far away-- we can study retroviruses in other organisms that are exogenous and endogenous. We have genetically modified mice that lack specific ERVs so we can use them as controls in ERV activation experiments.

Its not magic.

JoeG touches on several Creationist Claims Ive already discussed, but I wanted to highlight this claim because it is a fun bit of irony. Radical Christians using the Bible Code to predict who the Antichrist will be and when the Apocalypse will happen is just superduper! But misunderstanding bioinformatics and virology to say evilutionists make genomes 'say anything they want' is UNACCEPTABLE! lol.

* Gratuitous Arrogant Creationist Claim


Tyler DiPietro said...

Reading anything by JoeG is like being bukakked with stupid. This particular piece is several orders of magnitude worse, like a 25 on 1 bukakke.

I especially love his claim that he's "forgotten more about ERV's than you'll ever know". For fucks sake, you douche, you're a former EE, not a biologist.

"intro genetics must be part of that ERV stuff that JoeG has already forgotten"

Along with basic statistics. Among other things JoeG may do well to pick up a basic textbook of computational techniques for pattern recognition and induction, he'll learn that it's anything but "magic". Assuming he's capable of learning anything at all, which we can't take for granted.

Blake Stacey said...

I must admit, every time I see someone other than myself use the term "bukakke" in connection with creationists, I feel like my copyright is being infringed.

Tyler DiPietro said...

Actually, I think Maddox was the one who originated its use in that regard. His was in reference to 9/11 conspiratards, who operate in a very similar fashion to creationists.

Brett said...

Most of that was over my head, except for the bible-code analogy. but i'm glad there are knowledgable people out there who actually give a damn that these people are trying to ruin science. Keep stickin' it to 'em.

Doppelganger said...

To be clear, JoeG is/was an ELECTRONICS engineer, not an electrical engineer. Further, according to JoeG himself, he earned a bachelor's in SCIENCE, therefore, he is a scientist, just like Francis Collins or Bill Dembski*.

He also claims to be a Muslim, threatens people who disagree with him and point out his stupidity, believs that the crystal cathedral was levitated by mind powers, rejects the notion that humans built the pyramids, etc.

I.e., JoeG is an imbecile. UD - and the creationism movement - deserves him.

*RE: the description of Dembski as a "leading scientist" is some Focus on the Family article...

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

JoeG is renowned as one of the largest and most self unaware idiots on the internet. His travails and follies are prima facie evidence that many of the creationist side are in fact gigantic fucking stuffed shirt morons.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I just realized, you've "attacked" (you evil woman you) JoeG and Gil days apart from each other. Who is next? BarryA?

Be careful, too much reading of these three can be detrimental to your future chances of dementia and could possibly be harmful to any offspring you may have.

ERV said...

Rev-- Its okay- Im getting the quotes secondhand through AtBC people. Im not staring directly into The Tard.


Rich Hughes said...

No, gaze directly into the Tard, Abbie!

Has new ERV tard, here: