Sunday, December 30, 2007

Arnie Overload

I missed posting about Arnies one-year-with-Abbie anniversary (it was December 2nd). Not because I forgot, but because I wanted to post cute puppy pics to go along with the post... And Arnie chewed through my camera-->computer cord.

Arnie chews everything.


So I tried to get a new camera cord, and every one I tried *looked* right, but didnt fit right, so I finally just got a card reader. Instead of uploading hundreds of Arnie Puppy pics, I just added a dozen or so in a slide-show. Enjoy! And go adopt a puppy.

Taking Arnie home last year was one of the best decisions Ive ever made.

Plz note: Darwins Pit Bull comes equipped with lazrs, though they need to be recharged often.


大力 said...

Wow, he's beautiful!

I just wonder... did the CDesigneror give him paws?


Dave Gill said...

He looks like the anti-dog to me...

(of course, we have samoyeds, and any black dog looks like the anti-dog to me)


Gary said...

How does he feel about LOL Catz?

Happy New Year!

J-Dog (Not related to Arnie)

oleg said...

Happy New Year, ERV!

It's been a pleasure to read your blog. Keep up the good work, both here and in the lab.

Reynold said...

Happy New Year. Maybe find a way to cover your cords in something that the dog hates the taste of?

Beats me, it's been years since I've had a pet.

Keep giving the ID people grief...maybe you'll get through to one of them?

(one can always hope, just like one can always hope that dogs will stop chewing through cords)

CAE said...

Happy New Year!

I've missed your Arnie posts ;)

Suz said...

Two words for you: crate training. ;)

Nothing starts the year right like seeing pictures of a happy dog.