Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Slight Delay...

Hey folks!

I hoped to have a "Quick Translation II" up for you all tonight, but its not gonna happen. *little bit* of obnoxious real-life drama today.

1. So Ive been butting my head up against this damn experiment for the past 3 months. Couldnt get it to work, couldnt get it to work, couldnt get it to work, no friggen idea why. Realized today the commercial buffer we used has azide in it for some reason. Azide. Azide kills cells. I was screaming and stomping through the lab for basically the entire afternoon.

2. I spent the morning at the dentist. Nothing bad! I was getting sealants put on my teeth-- theyre cheaper than fillings and no drill involved! Yay! Stop cavities before they start! Well, I just love my dentist here, and he did a great job. But then the hygienist started bitching about how she was trained how to do this, and how she used to do everything at her last job, so Dentist was like, "Um, fine. You do these last three and Im gonna go get a donut." Okay, no big whoop! But then they hygienist put in the last three. It seemed to go fine, but then she got this hook and started scraping on one of my teeth. Hard. "What are you doing...???" "Well, I got some of the sealant on this tooth... **CHUNK!**" Okaaay... Nothing hurt, so I went with it. When she was done, I shut my mouth and I was like "WHOA! This does not feel right. This hurts." And she said, "Youll get used to it."
So as the day went on, the teeth she filled started hurting more and more. I left work early, came home, couldnt even focus to write a little post. So I took some Tylenol PM, and started getting ready for bed.
I cant floss. The dumb bitch got sealant in between my teeth! Got a mirror, she just coated the left side of my mouth with sealant!! WHAT THE HELL?!?! And it hurts. It feels like Butterfingers are packed into/between my teeth! I am so pissed off. Im going to try to go to sleep. Very sorry, "Quick Translation II" hopefully tomorrow :(


Annyday said...

... gonna wanna get that sealant taken off, yep. G'luck.

Unknown said...

I hope there was no azide in the sealant, Abbie.

-- HalfMooner

Andy said...

Why the heck did your buffer have azide in it? I guess to stop stuff growing in it, but jeezus.

Vacuous Implication said...

I hate going to new dentists... you have to literally go through three incompetent clods before you can find one who knows what they're doing, and by that time something in your mouth has been messed up. I've had so many bad experiences with dentists, I've had them "find" cavities where none existed, suggest corrective surgery for an overbite that doesn't exist, etc.

I need a tissue and bone graft beneath my lower incisors, and I'm not willing to play dentist roulette with that one (my mom needed something similar, and they messed it up so badly that all four of her lower incisors had to be removed), so I'm going to try to get a dentist back in Colorado (who I trust) to take UI insurance so he can do it.

Anyway, I hope this gets cleared up for you without any difficulty.

ERV said...

I DONT KNOW WHY THE BUFFER HAD AZIDE IN IT!!! I mean, it has FBS in it, so thats why they didnt want anything to grow, but JESUS!

Dustin-- Actually I love my dentist! Hes great, and a perfectionist :) Its the ones the damn hygienist did... Turns out Bossman (we go to the same dentist) had a problem with this same hygienist, so Im going to ask to file an official complaint.

Appointment to get them fixed: 8 am Friday. Uuuugh...