Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Major Beef with Judgement Day

It was missing something.

Something important.

And Im really, honestly mad they left it out.

The Civil Discourse.

Never forget the Civil Discourse.

(Tnx Tyler for teh link, for I has lost it)


firemancarl said...

I would like the honor of saying it for you. From the Behe household... "SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!! It's not fair!!! First that Abbie really pastes me and now this! It's not fair!"

Bob O'Hara said...

According to PZ, they did have Judge Jones reading part of the judgement. Are you saying they didn't put farty noises on?

Hmmm, I'm sure someone will.


James F. McGrath said...

What's that site accusing Judge Jones of? Having intelligent scientists behind his decision? What a wonderful thing! :)

What I liked best in the documentary was the way it highlighted that, in the case of the Tiktaalik fossil discovery, this was not simply a case of paleontologists happening across a transitional form. Evolutionary theory predicted where such fossils should be found, scientists looked there, and found what evolutionary theory predicted they ought to find. As in so many other cases, evolution doesn't merely fit the evidence (which in itself would be important); it it makes predictions which are confirmed again and again. I just hope that the cdesign proponentsists were watching! :)


firemancarl said...

Well, so I follows da link right? Guess what the blogger uses all sorts of scientific terms when refering to animals as "kinds" as in "all kinds of animals"

cdesign propentsists ineed!

Physicalist said...

@ Bob:

I was wondering the same thing; a quick search reveals that they decided to after a while. Apparently they tried to get Judge Jones to provide the voice for their little artistic endeavor -- with the enticement that they would tone down the flatulence.

I do think that it might be worthy of adding some reference to this to the main post. After all, readers should be allowed to judge the true level of civil discourse these folks set.

Physicalist said...

That was Blogger, not me! It previewed OK! Missing words: "a quick search reveals that they decided to remove the flatulence sound effects after a while. "

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm posting on the where they talk about the trial, and already some of my comments have disappeared.

Anyway I can email the web pages I saved to you, ERV so's you can see the comments they took out?

Anonymous said...

Damn. Messed up the format for the last comment.

Anonymous said...

Ah, never mind... I've found the email.

What I get for posting when I'm sleep deprived.

That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.

Mr C! said...

So youse have all had Dover and that's done and dusted and been covered in the media

But don't forget about us in Ireland. We've got our largest political party activingly campaigning for creationism/ID in science, again...
I mention it on my blog http://swingindigs.blogspot.com/2007/11/david-simpson-at-it-again.html

Mr C! said...

ID/creationism hasn't quite yet been "expelled" here, but it has been told to feck-off for now in Lisburn