Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Conversion of Antony Flew

Holy crap you guys. You have to read Richard Carrier's take on the Antony Flew ordeal. I found it shocking, and Im not usually shocked at Biblotarian activities anymore.

Every evilution proponent should make themselves aware of this situation, atheist or theist, seeing as it is a point Creationists are bringing up (as AtBC posters would say, 'All science so far!')


Art said...

It's an outrageous sock-puppeting of an old man. At SFN, we had a thread on it for four days:


Laneman said...


Massimo Pigliucci over at his blog Rationally Speaking ( has a new post about this. I think followers of this blog will find Massimo's of interest as well. Peace.

dan said...

According to Claude Manceron in "Twilight of the Old Order", Voltaire was badgered in his last days by a team of clerics who wanted to get him to recant. He says, "Let me die in peace."

Voltaire was left with observers to record his final moments, and they stretched on. He was feverish and was refused water. He complained and the observers surmised that he was already burning in Hell's fires.

That's religion for you.

monado said...

Uh, has anyone pointed out that Flew may be half deaf and simply agreeing with the conversation going on around him? I saw tht with my dad. He was quite deaf but wouldn't admit it. So I was surprised but not astonished one day when someone came up to him and said how they trusted in the Lord Jesus and my dad said he did, too. In fact, he was an atheist from age 12.