Monday, October 08, 2007

I love Lucy!

Since I was going down to Houston anyway, I wanted to make sure I made a stop at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences to see Lucy.

Before you got to see Lucy, there was a walk-through commercial for Ethiopia. Not that I blame them, but it was example #91754692354629365234 on how Christianity et al ruin everything. Uuuuuuuuuugh! The exhibit goes from ancient indigenous art, culture, and history to the same Christian crap you get all over the planet. "OOOOH! LOOK! Jesus on a cross! Havent seen one of those in about 5 seconds! OOOOH! Another cross, sans Jesus! Fantastic." A large portion of the exhibit seemed like it was trying to pacify theists that came to see Lucy... "Suchandsuch is the fourth most sacred city in Islam!" "Look at all these Christian themed paintings!" "We even have Jews! Well, we used to, but then they all went to Israel..."

There was a big toot made about a church where 'The Ark of the Covenant' was held, and about how everyone went to the church because of 'The Ark' and how faithful the church-goers are blah blah.

Dad: "Lets say 'The Ark' is in our basement to stir up tourism."
Me: "We can say Joseph Smith brought it over." (we live in Missouri)
Mom: "Do you two even know what The Ark is??"
Me: "... Its been a while since I saw 'Indiana Jones.'"
Family: "LOL!"
After trudging through several rooms of Biblobile, we were cleansed by the notes of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', and were safe to see Lucys bones. They (of course) didnt let us take pics, and (surprisingly) there were no postcards available in the gift shop to buy-->scan, so youll have to make do with me wearing the cute T-shirt I bought. Its in mirror image because thats how Macs roll: Nick fixed it! Thank you!

You could go right up to the case her bones were in. However if you touched the case, all hell would break loose. So all of the moms/dads super glued their little ones to their sides thinking "MY kid isnt going to be the one setting off that damn alarm!" And considering the sheer number of little ones and teenage hooligans there, I gotta say, they were all doing a great job! And so were the parents:
Mom with a 3, maybe 4 year old, girl on her hip: *points at an artists rendition of Lucy* "Thats your great great great great great grandma!"
Little girl: *concentrates on the figure for a moment, then whispers, knowing what she was going to say might be rude* "... Why is she so hairy?"
Mom: "Well youre great great great great granddaughters might think you look a little weird too!"
The mom then went on to explain evilution to the little one! WHOOOOOO!!!!

Alas, not everyone was as clever as this mom. A few jerks had written some thoughtful comments in the guest book. "I BELIEVE IN GOD NOT EVILUTION!" scrawled a (proclaimed) college student. Yeah, you must not believe in math or economics either, dumbass, cause you traveled from San Antonio just gave the museum $20 for you to not learn anything. Great job!!

It was awesome. I hate the fact they moved her, but Im glad I got to see her since they already moved her across the ocean. Just awesome.


Tyler DiPietro said...

My response to the kid.


Jon said...

May his noodly appendage touch us all.

Josh said...

First seeing dembski wallow, and now you've seen lucy too? I'm so very jealous.

VWXYNot? said...


Fred Ross said...

If you ever make it to New York City, stop by the American Museum of Natural History's hall of human evolution. It's a really well done exhibit that begins with a discussion of molecular phylogeny. They have a set of casts of Lucy, which for ignorant physicists-turned-microbiologists like me is frankly as useful as the real thing.

Though it would mean flying there, unfortunately.

J-Dog said...

Ha! You can drive to Chicago's Field Museum!

We had a Fun-Filled ATBC Darwin Meet up recently, so look for our upcoming Lucy meetup.

Don't forget Dembksi's from Chicago too, so maybe we can find out the next time he visits the folks (Thanksgiving)and ask him again why he is so mean and so wrong.

ps: I likey your New Pic!

ERV said...

Josh-- Well you coulda gotten on the plane and come to Houston with my family :P

VWX-- I KNOOOOOOOW! My parents and aunt were like "Yeah, yeah, yeah, wedding, we know-- BUT WEVE GOT TO SEE LUCY WHILE WE'RE HERE!"

Fred-- I got to go to the NHM in DC, but it was pre-evolution of humans exhibit. Im sure Ill be at a conference in NYC at some point, so Ill be sure to see it there!

J-dog-- All the AtBC people should invite Dembski to an outing in Chicago! BWAHAHAHAHA!
And thank you!

Anonymous said...

I can remember taking my daughter to the Amsterdam zoo several years ago, and saying (quietly) the same thing to her while we were watching one of the gorilla's (well - ok not quite. I actually said "We're related. Your great, great, great, etc grandmother was that gorilla's great, great, great, etc grandmother")

She took it quite well, in fact she was fascinated by the idea that she shared an ancestry with a specific member of another species.

Being the Netherlands however, which includes deeply religious communities, the family standing behind us at the time were grossly affronted and made their feelings known, which rather spoilt my daughter's learning experience.

It's a shame the devout who claim a special right of exemption from criticism of their parenting are so keen to pounce on the practices of other parents.