Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Donde esta ERV?

Sorry for the unexplained blog-silence.

You all probably thought I was working on my Behe reply.

Uh uh.

Meat-world has been conspiring against me, and lots of stupid things that have happened in the past week (week and a half) lead to a small freak out. Perpetual migraines, random anxiety attacks, good times! Considering my normal state of mind is obnoxiously happy and mellow, this has been a bad week.

The two things that drove me over the edge were:

  1. The Vogons are going after my apartment building. Why? Because theyre old and bored. Gee, I hate living in a huge beautiful apartment 5 minutes from school, with all utilities paid, and landlords that dont mind Arnie. PLEASE make me commute to work and fight for parking and take Arnie to live with my parents, Vogons. *blink*
  2. I got a 50% on a test. A 50%. And not a "Yeah, I knew I was gonna get a 50%", a "OHMYGODITHOUGHTIGOTANA!" 50%. Okay, one bad grade, no big whoop, right? Wrong. Cs are Fs in grad school. We had several other tests out at the time, so I convinced myself that even though I THOUGHT I got As on those, I would fail them too. I convinced myself that I was going to flunk out of grad school, and I freaked out for an entire week.

Still no solution to #1, but there is hope-- Theyre old. They might forget this tangent and watch 'The Price is Right.'
Solution to #2-- We got a few more tests back today. 89%, 90%, 90%, 100%. Im fine. I wish we got them back before our tests this Monday, though, cause I totally psyched myself out on those.

Anyway, just wanted to explain the absence, Im back now, and Ive been reading things... *smile*


The Factician said...

Grades in grad school don't count for much. They'll ask for them on your fellowship applications (though not for post-doc fellowship applications) but nobody cares.

Don't put any effort into your classes beyond what you require to get a passing grade (unless it interests you intellectually to go further).

ERV said...

Oh I know... I just festered on it, because I thought I did well, and I didnt really get *why* my grade was so low, so I convinced myself I flunked all the tests I took that day, and spazzed. Royally.

But Im better now :D

J-Dog said...

Well, is the 50% a hard 50% or a soft 50%? Is the curve your friend?

Number one, I would talk to the Prof and ask waht's up with the 50?

So, don't sweat the small stuff, and beating up Behe should eb way down the list, cuz you can do that anytime, he ain't going nowhere. Not like you have to worry about catching him in Stokholm, Bwa Ha Ha!

School first, then play!
And thanks for letting us know what's up.

Hermagoras said...

Absolutely, school first.

About the migraines: I get me some major migraines, right after a stress is over. Like, after I've finished grading every semester, I get a migraine. All my life I've had them, and then I discovered sumitriptan. A fantastic pharmaceutical: works every time, but I have to take the injection vesion. (The pill and the nasal spray are ineffective for me.) That's my unsolicited advice just in case you're having trouble managing the migraines.

Anyway, love your blog. Keep kicking ass, but don't make it your first priority.

VWXYNot? said...

Ugh, anxiety attacks suck. I don't get the associated migraines but it is still nasty.

The important thing with your disappointing grade is to understand why it happened and learn from it. So, yeah, one more vote for talking to your prof and getting feedback.

Chin up!

Bill said...

Fifty percent! You rock!

I got a 10 once. That's 10 points out of 100. Advanced Thermo. Like a 900 level course. I got 10 points and Einstein got 90.

Fortunately, I haven't had to solve a triple integral in 10 minutes since, I got my PhD and all was right with the world.

You'll survive.

Bob O'Hara said...

"I got 10 points and Einstein got 90."
The two of you should have teamed up. You would have been perfect.

What with all this anxiety, I would recommend some interspecies yoga. Would Arnie go for it?


Bill said...

"The two of you should have teamed up. You would have been perfect."

I looked at his paper. How else do you think I got 10 points?

The answer I remember after 35 years was "spherical, radius of 1.2 angstrom"

That and two bucks gets me a Starbucks, bold, room for cream every time

Big Dave said...

No worries ERV, it's important to get priorites right, am glad to see you back on the blog!

Hope you're feeling much better. Panic attacks etc are horrible.

Take care, I look forward to you giving Behe another shoeing.

ERV said...

Got another test back today-- 86% from a very hard prof. Much higher than I was expecting. I am such a friggen spaz. *sigh*

Bob-- hehehehe For some reason, I think 'doing yoga with a pit bull' sounds like a title for a Darwin Award ;) Kidding, I think Arnie would just get confused and hide under a blanket. hehehe!

monado said...

I'll bet ol' Arnie is ususally up for a walk, though.

Evil Fruit Lord said...

Grades in grad school don't matter that much, provided you can keep them in the right range to 1) Keep your assistantship and stay in the program, and 2) Convince professors you have to work with that you have a clue about your field.

The fact that a C in grad school has a reputation as the kiss of death works in your favor, too--most professors would have to be pretty convinced you didn't have a clue or didn't put a lick of work into the class before they would give you a C, provided you gave them at least a little wiggle room.

I got a 37% on my first test of my PhD program. It was certainly traumatic at the time (and I'd lie if I told you that whole class wasn't a little traumatic), but in retrospect it was barely a speed bump in my academic career. I now have the degree and my dream job. (Now I can concentrate on healing the psychological and financial traumas of six years of grad school).

Anyway, short version, don't sweat it.

(And now I realize this is a response to a month old post, so if you haven't recovered from the trauma yet, I doubt my input is going to really make a dent, but I'll post it, since I went to the trouble of typing it...)