Saturday, October 27, 2007

Denyse O'Leary supports ERV??

So I check sitemeter tonight, and I noticed a hit from Post-Darwinist, the blag of an UD contributor, Denyse O'Leary. I click on over to see what she was referring to, and I cant believe Im saying this... but she supports me regarding the abuse directed towards me by Sal, whom she refers to as a 'puppet' in 'the system':

If there is no actual mind, free speech is an expensive and undesirable waste of time. Better to institute a system where all important opinions are controlled from above (but puppets can shout abuse whenever they want on any subject n which the masters of the system have not spoken). That is apparently the system we have today.
Okay, now, I know you all you AtBC people want to crack jokes at her grammar and typos, but stick with me here. Denyse has a great observation! Shes trapped in a system controlled by an elite few, ie Billy and Lilo, who are the PR face for Creationism. Theyre all smiles and giggles like a homecoming queen sitting on the back of a 1977 Camaro convertible when someone is around with a camera, but if you turn your back on 'em for 30 seconds, they have a legion of 'puppets' harassing you, leaving threatening sexually explicit comments on your blog, or laying on some good old fashioned Antisemitism. No line of attack is too low for a Creationist puppet, and anyone who dares to speak out against Creationists radical form of Christianity is a potential target.

This is a great revelation for Denyse, and I welcome her back to reality.

LOL Im kidding. Shes still a po-mo tard. **waves to DD**


Tyler DiPietro said...

Shorter Denyse O'Leary: The evil atheist conspiracy controls college campuses. As my evidence for this, I present you with the firing of a rich, white, male former cabinet member who was fired from an administrative position for saying that women were biologically inferior to men. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!

AIGBusted said...

Leaving Sexually Explicit Comments on your blog?!? Who did that and when? That's so disgusting I don't know what to say.

The Factician said...

Posted at D O'L's site (don't expect it to show up, though):

In a materialist system, there is no ethical underpinning of the universe as a whole. Thus, there is no sense in which actions can be right or wrong.

You might try reading a little Peter Singer. A materialist worldview can have a sense of which actions are right and wrong.

For example, I, as a materialist, find misrepresenting the arguments of others to be wrong. It's dishonest.

Reverted said...

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure she is supporting you, ERV.

I would not be AT ALL surprised if, with typical creationist blindness and deliberate bias and dishonesty, she is seeing only YOUR allegedly-abusive (but entirely understandable and appropriate) comments of:
"cottage cheesing dripping pussy"
and "You, who can lie until everyone within a 50 mile radius of you is covered in milky slime without losing the 'respect' of your peers and superiors in Creationist World"
and "loser friend"
and "Creationist Community ... every damn one of you creeps is knowingly misleading people for your own sick pleasure"
and "back to your sewer, you disgusting lump of a human".

So, don't be surprised if it becomes clear that she's completely ignoring everything that led up to these statements, and all the reasons as to WHY you might be spurred to say such things. *sigh*

ERV said...

AIG-- You missed it. Comments are deleted, but saved in case I need to file a police report.

God bless Creationists.

Reverted-- Im kidding :P Thank you for the icon, btw! I havent gotten to put it in the rotation, yet!