Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dembski vs ERV

The Prophesy has been fulfilled!

This Q was funny. I wasnt going to ask the Q I asked. I was going to emphasize the practical importance of evolution. I use evolution every day to work towards curing HIV infections and cancer... and my experiments work. Dembski, on the other hand, poops out a crappy book every 10 years, and... aaaaand... hmm. Well, he doesnt so much *do* anything. But if he is right, my cancer research shouldnt be working. If Behe is right, my virology research shouldnt be working. So why doesnt Creationism intersect with reality?

But then Dembski just pissed me off.

Dembski-- Its not your turn yet! Its not your turn! Its not your turn! Wait your turn!

Me-- *click* Actually, my question follows that...

Dembski-- Please.

Me-- I do HIV research. I have for the past few years. Im a graduate student, and I wrote a critique of Behes, eh, latest book, I guess its 'Edge of Evolution'-- Where he states quite clearly that HIV has not evolved in the past 30 years (Dembski 'Yup.') outside of simple mutation there has been no genetic evolution, there has been no protein evolution... and actually there has. Um, I was then invited to your blog to discuss this. I got in about *three* posts, before I was banned. (audience snickers, a few people clap loudly). I was subsequently harassed on my blog, I was slandered on your blog, and youre speaking so much about how "Intelligent Design Creationists are persecuted!" and everyone is out to get them-- So why do you feel its necessary to go after a graduate student that way?

Dembski-- *silence*

(audience hoots and applauds)

Dembski-- I think your career is pretty secure for the future...

Me-- I would be the happiest unemployed person on the planet.

Dembski--- Frankly I didnt follow the exchange. I dont moderate it...

Me-- You were... at the time you were busy composing a fake letter from the president of Baylor.

(Ian laughs REALLY loud :P)

Dembski-- *silence*

(Ian sounds like hes going to throw up hes laughing so hard)

Dembski, suddenly rather quiet-- Thats a different matter we can talk about if you...

Me-- Well Im just *assuming* thats what you were doing.

Dembski-- I I I was not following the exchange, I frankly... It was not at the top of my priority list at that point, other people do moderate... (composes himself) YOU present your views, CLEARLY youre trying to embarrass me... Why dont you just... GO to your blog... you know... put all the links for the people there...

Me: Its there! Its!

Dembski--... Right... ERV is what you went by...

Me-- ERV! I also study endogenous retroviruses and how they relate to cancer! *flash a grin to the audience*

Dembski-- ... Okay... alright... Uh huh... So you can see just how bad we are and just how bad she is... (I grin at the audience again-- really dumb move on Dembskis part-- another game he cant win) and decide for yourself.

(audience roars with applause)

I go back to my seat.
Creationist pissed off in the audience-- What was the QUESTION???

Me, in my seat, but happy to point out Creationists are hypocrites over and over and over-- Why do you feel its necessary to attack a graduate student if your science is so *sound*?

Dembski, getting frantic-- I dont think it is! I mean mean if thats what happened Im sorry about it but you know the thing is I was going to shut the blog down about a year and a half ago because I didnt have time for it other people agreed to moderate for me and they usually take a hard line and thats okay with me...

Me-- Sexually harassing me was *hard line*?

Dembski-- You go to Pandas Thumb and do your thing there... you know?

Me-- So much for both sides.
  1. 'Your career is pretty secure'-- What the hell what that phrase supposed to mean? It was completely off topic. Did he just say it to stall for a minute? Was it a sneaky comment implying HIV is a conspiracy, thus will never be cured? Or is he just admitting that with his (and Behes) world-view, curing HIV (or malaria) is pointless, as their All-Hating God will just make some impossible mutations to save the virus from our feeble mortal materialistic attempts to eliminate it? Once again, ID is a science-stopper. Why cure anything? Why develop drugs and vaccinations? Theres always a bored, hateful god ready and willing to help the 'bad guys' as He pleases. 'Science' is pointless if Creationism is true.
  2. Didnt follow the exchange? Havent you learned anything from reading my blog, Dembski? Do not get into a passive-aggression war with a Jewish female. Its a game you cannot win. Ever. Especially if you have to lie to do so.
    • Dembski told Cottage Cheese the real name of someone defending me on my blog.
    • Dembski knew my handle was ERV.
  3. Dawkins 'pause', Id like you to meet Dembskis 'pauses'!
  4. Message to everyone reading: Take screenshots of everything that happens to you at UD. They delete comments (ask The Factician, he tried to join me at UD). They delete their own comments and posts. If they threaten you, take a screen shot.
  5. Message to Billy: Dude, Im 24 years old, 5'8"/5'9"-ish, 130 lbs, not *hot* but kinda cute, adorable smile, obnoxiously cheerful, acceptably intelligent (though not as quick witted as some), and I do HIV and cancer research. You arent going to make me look *bad* by using your old strategy. Get a new one, Dembski, I want a challenge. Save your cottage cheese for your salads.
You know its funny, if Behe hadnt made the decision to flaunt his ignorance about HIV in an interview, I probably would have never read his book. And if I didnt read his book, I wouldnt have written my critique. And if I didnt write the critique, I wouldnt have had to deal with Cottage Cheese and DaveScot. If I hadnt had to deal with them, I wouldnt have gone to see Dembski (I had a big test that day, I had better things to do). And if I hadnt seen Dembskis presentation, I wouldnt have been there to make some 'observations'... strange series of events... hmm...


Ian said...

Ian laughs REALLY loud :P
LOL. I was holding the mic. Sorry :)

Dan said...

Didn't you get the memo? Curing HIV is a sinister goal, only promoted by hyperliberal faggot hippies out to undermine America's good strong Christian values. Not to mention that they're letting women into grad school now! Violating the sanctity of our academic institutions isn't enough for you, you have to keep going?!

... Dembski could've played that off in a church, or in his other normal venues. Having heard about but not attended a creationist/biblical literalist shindig they were holding here, I believe they generally have extremely credulous, captive audiences. You know, the people who were recited "bless-ed" that morning.

Problem is that facing largely intelligent college students, prejudice-based arguments tend to die.

Know thy audience, Dembski. Then again, just being an ID proponent is probably doom in most educated audiences.

Nick said...

Dear Cthulhu, you weren't joking over at the pandas thumb :(

The Factician said...


Josh said...

Oh, I wish I could have seen that. It's too bad you couldn't ask both questions, because I would have _loved_ to hear his answer to your original question.

386sx said...

Good grief you're taking on the whole establishment... and winning! I don't believe it. Kudos.

Gary S. Hurd said...

That would have been so much fun to watch.

Dembski is very bitter about his career track (good degrees from good schools- early success- in the toilet about to be flushed). I think that is the genesis of his comment about your career being secure- he believes he is persecuted. Actually is is just a jackass.

Jon Voisey said...

Let's not also forget that Creationists even like to go after undergrads when they can't get their e-penises up enough.

Vodyanoj said...

You know, you really *do* rule. Thanks for the awesomeness.

Torbjörn Larsson said...

Nice insertion into the Q&A.

And yes, Dawkins' and Dembski's silences had the same root cause (not related to science as such), so go for the jugular!

Iron Soul said...

I'm here trying to catch up on my ERV reading and eating some low fat cottage cheese with my broccoli because it is good protein and goes down easier than tuna. Then, you go and bring up some less than appetizing cottage cheese imagery. You aren't helping my diet.