Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who was that Masked Man??

Im with Ian-- Who was that masked man??

Logan, you are SO in trouble for not asking his name!

Ian wrote up his analysis of the Dembski Affair-- go read!

Note: Im in class now. Were about to learn about the evolution of protein complexes. BAD week for ID. LOL!


Anonymous said...

About that large audio wav file you have, is it possible you could upload it to OU's FTP server? That way anyone could download it.

BTW, thanks for attending and taping the debacle. I look forward to the many laugh I'm sure the recording will provide.

J-Dog said...

I think that the Baylor Board Of Regents would all like to hear it as well! Talk about positive reinforcement for their decision to kick out Demsbksi and close down Marks' "lab"!

This could be UTube Gold!

The Factician said...

Count me as someone else who would like to hear that talk. Is it too big to e-mail?

Ian said...

Golfvixen at IIDB liveblogged the talk.

Bob O'Hara said...

BTW, it wasn't me. I was in Europe at the time. I don't think it was David S. Springer either.

Just saying.


Ian said...

Thanks to Dr. Ola Fincke from Zoology we have the answer:
The ‘masked man’ was Dr. Philip Klebba, Dept. of Chemistry at OU.

windy said...

ERV, good job on Dembski. Now if you got some time to spare, go spank Matt Nisbet, too. Now he's going on about the "amazingly male rhetoric" of the new atheists and how they are getting in the way of science education.

Guillaume said...


If you need to host anything, drop me an email, or even better, normalize, compress in mp3 (like, 32 kbps) and send it to:

guillaume dot loignon (that a with the circle around it) umontreal dot ca