Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So Deniers CANT learn!

My buddy, Dentist Lenny Horowitz, is still kickin. He just posted IRREFUTABLE PROOF that his conspiracy theories are TRUE!

Dr. Dentist** is participating in the comments if you want to go to YouTube and play :)

Now, Im still not exactly sure what Dr. Dentists conspiracy theories *are*. Like Schrodingers cat, he waivers between 'HIV WAS MADE ON PURPOSE!' and 'HIV WAS MAN MADE, BUT NOT ON PURPOSE!', and you never know which Dentist youre going to get until you open the box. Today it is the latter.

Lennys story today is that HIV was introduced into the human population through vaccines because scientists are stupid (Lenny would have known better!). He makes sure to add to his little video up there that "OMFG TEHRE R FORMALDEHYDE AND MONKEY VIRUSES IN VACCINES OMGOMGOMG!" Well, Ive found that rather than arguing with anti-vaxers and HIV Deniers about science (like how we know HIV-1 came from chimpanzees, not African Green Monkeys), its easier to grant their premise, and show why that premise would not lead to the outcome they predict.

The proteins on the outside of HIV-1 that mediate entry into your cells are delicate babies. You cant do anything to them without denaturing, ie totally and irreversibly screwing up, HIV. So even if we pretended like the HIV-1 pandemic was alllll Merks fault for using HIV infected 'monkeys' for vaccines, and formaldehyde is in vaccines, HIV still wouldnt survive.

Though I hope 'certain people' will stop by to clarify this even more for the readers :)

** For those of you keeping score in the audience, please note the similarities between Lenny and Creationists-- metamagical thinking about viruses, admitting error is a weakness, 'rebel' fighting 'The Man', etc etc etc.

Of course, Lenny IS a Creationist, so that might explain that...


Anonymous said...

I haz fresh crazy for you. Well, it isn't so fresh. It's cured and aged crazy. Remember that philosophy professor I told you about way back when? The one who thought that science proclaimed the world to be comprised of nothing but carbon atoms? And who thought that biologists weren't actually sure about the theory of evolution? She done wrote herself a paper.

ERV said...




Anonymous said...

I had to sit through a whole semester of that shit. Not proper denialism, but batshit nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I just sent an item about the Dembski affair to Boing Boing. They like this kind of thing.

Blake Stacey said...

OK, the exclamation "The Po-Mo! It Burns!" is one of the best things I've read today. However, it barely makes up for the pain caused by that paper.

Postmodern drivel of that caliber has no sensible purpose. It doesn't help treat, cure or understand AIDS; nor does it alleviate the suffering of those who have it and those who know its victims. It's arrangement of words, for fashion's sake — an imitation of scholarship with far less honesty than a child's game of "Let's Pretend".

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