Monday, September 24, 2007

So Creationists CAN learn!

After Dembskis presentation on flagella and 'The Cell as an Automated City' and all the decade old tripe Creationists keep pretending is a way cool new paradigm, I was firmly convinced that ID-ers were like Bart Simpson reaching for an electric cupcake-- getting burned over and over, and never learning their lesson.

But today, Behe demonstrated that he has learned something in the past two months:

Dont mention HIV in interviews ever again!!


He has even changed his tune a bit!

But you can’t build new molecular machinery by breaking genes.
Ohhhhhh! Now we mean 'breaking genes'! You know I really dont remember 'breaking genes' being a theme in 'Edge', but I guess thats what Behe means now.

Whatever the hell 'breaking genes' means. You know, why is it that I can talk to people from China, from France, from Argentina, from alllll over the world in the language of 'science'-- but the second a Creationist opens their mouths speaking their own special little 'scientific' language, no one else knows what the hell Creationists talking about?

I think this comment is really fun too:
As you might expect for such a controversial topic, some scientists have stumbled over each other to challenge my argument. I’ve examined their writings closely and think none of them touch the heart of my argument.
Ohhhhhh! Didnt touch 'the heart'? Didnt touch 'the heart' of your argument? You mean 'the heart' that was all about how gene duplications dont happen and protein-protein interactions dont evolve and such? You know, the entire point of 'Edge'? I didnt touch 'the heart' of that argument?

I think I got a fake copy of 'Edge', then, if I missed 'the heart' of Behes argument.

Alas, though Behe appears to have learned his lesson with HIV, thats just about it:
I think irreducible complexity is a swell concept...
Golly, it SURE IS!


Bill said...

Well, you know, Apple Pie is a swell concept, too.

In fact, Apple Pie might be even a sweller concept than anything Behe's come up with because at least you can eat an apple pie.

As Behe said recently, "You can't eat Mount Rushmore."

No argument there!

Anonymous said...

I just love it when you're scathing!


Anonymous said...

Would you like some Jebus candy with that, sir?

Bob O'Hara said...

Whaaa...? From the interview:

In it I clearly state that random evolution works well up to the species level, perhaps to the genus and family level too. But at the level of vertebrate classes (birds, fish, etc), the molecular developmental programs needed would be beyond the edge of evolution.

So, um, HIV evolution is working above the family level?

I also see there's a creationist blogging on the article too. Could be amusing.


Anonymous said...

New Scientist reports "Cheryl Nickerson at Arizona State University in Tempe, US, and her colleagues launched flasks of the bacterium Salmonella typhimurium into space on the shuttle Atlantis in September 2006.

The shuttle returned after 12 days, during which time the microbes had altered the way they express 167 genes compared with bacteria that remained on Earth. The team found that these space-mutated bugs were almost three times as likely to kill infected mice compared with their ground-grown counterparts."

NO, NO, NO! God resents our intrusion into his celestial domain and designed those superbugs.

Anyhoo, if space-mutation is true why didn't Neil Armstrong evolve into something better?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Armstrong, but Aldrin mutated into a member of the Fantastic Four...

Check him out against this moon landing denialist:

"It's Clobberin' Time!"

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the comments at Calif. Lit. Review: Michael Behe on The Edge of Evolution?

See this one in particular:
"It’s interesting that in all of the dust stirred up in these comments I have not seen a single one that actually deals with the contents of Behe’s book."

I'd respond to him with your article shedding Behe on HIV, but I wouldn't want to spoil your fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey ERV - I think found either your evil twin , or long-lost father that has gone over to the dark-side when I was going through the comments on the site you linked to.

Evidently, there is a "Professor Smith", only this knucklehead is an "ID Theorist."

I'll bet you a single-malt bottle of scotch this make Thanksgiving much more fun for the whole family.

Torbjörn Larsson said...

It's always a toss up between creationists who is easiest to fisk. In the beginning I wondered if Behe would get back to do science. But it is now evident that he is stuck in the same rut as all creationists.

Instead he has started to show real alienation with science concepts and methods. Witness his lack of definition of "test" and "evidence". Unfortunately this doesn't leave one with much else to do than to mock the flailing Behemoth that is his ignorance.

When the motions of the galaxies away from the earth was first observed in the 1930s, that led to the Big Bang hypothesis.

Notice how easily Behe repeat the standard creationist lie. Friedmann's expanding universe solution of GR and Lemaître's big bang theory was made before Hubble discovered the cosmological expansion 1929.

If I had 10 c for every lie of a creationist...

Intelligent design is science because it is based completely on physical data - the molecular machinery of cells - plus ordinary logic.

Right. With that definition atheism is science too. But don't tell Behe.

Anonymous said...

Someone is talking about you. See bornagain77 here:

Comments are moderated, but so far not unfairly so.

ERV said...

franky-- Im about 99% certain I know who 'bornagain' is ;)

Of course, I could be mistaken, and bornagain is really *like that*...

Anonymous said...


He's not Sal, if that's what you mean; Sal and bornagain77 overlapped for many years at UD.

But maybe you have a better hypothesis...

ERV said...

No, Im pretty sure hes someone on our side. I *think* I know who it is, but its not someone Ive spoken with in a while...

LOL Or I could be mis-remembering :) Ive been cramming my head with very silly molecular biology things recently...