Saturday, September 08, 2007

New puppy niece!!!

Arnie has a new puppy cousin!!!!!

Her name is Daisy Mae. She is only 6.5 weeks old, but shes already a prolific pooper :P Shes a playmate for Mr. Duke so poor Miss Speckles can have some peace and quiet (she doesnt *like* other dogs...). Bro is getting married in October, and I cant wait! Lucy AND a puppy!! Oh yeah, and his wedding hehehehehehe!


Bob O'Hara said...

Lucy AND a puppy!!

"Here dog! Bone!"

Isra said...

Even when I prefer cats it looks like a perfect cute puppy! Congratulations!

ERV said...

I want to get Arnie a little sister, but that aint gonna happen until I get a yard :(

But we'll take a new puppy niece!


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