Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hardcore moderators at UD: "Antisemitism is A-OKAY!"

Youve really got to wonder what the hell Billy D is thinking keeping his name on Uncommon Descent.

If UD didnt make you want to puke before-- now Dembski is supporting Antisemites who post on his blog.

God he is such a joke. A worthless, not funny joke*.

* Except for the sweater. THAT is funny.


Anonymous said...

I guess there's lots more room than we thought under that big tent of ID...

A couple of new slogan for Billy Boy and his minions at UD:

ID - It's not just for cretans anymore!


ID - Come for the religion, stay for the hate!

Ian said...

Well, it makes sense. ID is evolution-denialism. Johnson and Wells are {evolution + AIDS} denialists (oh, why didn't I think to ask Dembski if he believed in HIV?). DaveScott (iirc) is a {evolution + GW} denialist. So why not {evolution + Holocaust} denialism?

Can't you just see it now: blaming Hitler on Darwin one day, denying the Holocaust the next day. (Of course, I'm not saying that being an anti-Semite is the same as denying the Holocaust. But cranks-of-a-feather...)

Torbjörn Larsson said...

Ah, a slogans.

ID - Just say NO!

ID - One simple choice: be against evolution, or for us.

ID - From woo to you!

ID - Provides strawmen for asses.

But denialist-deniers should have slogans to:

Evolution - evolve your knowledge.

Evolution - using sex for progress.

Evolution - makes men out of apes.

Evolution - genes is for everyone.

Gerald said...

Most likely it's because if you believe in one weird thing you are more likely to believe in another. It's fascinating to see the similarities of the tactics used by all sorts of deniers. If you really believe that the entire academic and scientific community is lying about evolution, then it probably isn't much of a stretch to think that historians are lying about the holocaust.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

This begs the question.

Is Dembski's sweater the actual big tent they keep talking about?