Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fundies owe me $125.

Say goodbye to ERV, folks.

Today, I got my third HPV vaccination.

I expect to slide slowly into insanity from the mercury poisoning (Im already autistic, so theres no where to go but insane).

But before I go, I want my $125 back. Because the Red State Morality Police made it so hard for me to get the vaccine sequence started, I had to get the third shot after I got my crappy grad student insurance. So instead of having my third shot paid for by my great University work insurance, I had to pay $125 to get the last shot. Lame.

I will accept $125 worth of cookies as reimbursement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The fundies' debt to you is balanced out by the liability you've incurred by making baby Jebus cry. You've had the temerity to inoculate yourself against a potentially devastating STD, and thus can feel safer while fornicating without the approval of Good Christian Men(TM).