Sunday, September 09, 2007

Do Anti-Vaxers have pets?

With the recent family puppy news, and the recent news that dog-->dog rabies has been eliminated in the U.S., a thought occurred to me. How do anti-vaxers own dogs?

Sure you can 'opt-out' your kid at school for 'religious' reasons (riiiight), or home school... but its illegal to not vaccinate your dog against rabies. Nor would any vet agree not to vaccinate or just lie and give you a tag (gawd I hope). And pet care places have a HUGE list of required vaccinations before they will board your dog, or let him/her attend doggie daycare. I had to call about 10 doggie daycares before I found a place that would take Arnie (for liability reasons *rolleyes*), theres no way theyll take a pet that could give all the puppies parvo or distemper. And you cant take them to any dog training lessons without up-to-date vaccinations. Or PetSmart/PetCo.

So do anti-vaxers not own dogs? Or do they not take their dogs to the vet? Do they not train their dogs? Do they never go on vacations?



Anonymous said...

The sorts of people who are against vaccinations are probably also the sort who don't take their dogs to the vet. If the dog is sick, it has to get well on its own; if it doesn't, they shoot it. When they go on vacation, they leave the dog chained to something in their yard with enough food to last until they return (if the dog is lucky). These folks can't afford to go off for more than a weekend anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've heard (well, read) several mercury moms saying that they've stopped vaccinating not only their kids but their pets too. Those that don't may be forging records when they need to go to one of the places you mentioned. I know some of them do it for their kids' shot records.