Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Dembski Affair-- Part 1-- Dembski has his say

This turned into a massive post, and Im not even done yet, so I decided to split it up :) First of all, I would like to thank Ian for paying the parking fee for me. I dont carry cash, and didnt even THINK about University parking (I walk everywhere), so without his $8, this review wouldnt have been possible :)

Id also like to thank Arnie Puppy for staying home for 16 hours with only one potty break, and not pooping in the house. After 3 hours of Dembski, it was nice not to come home to poop.

All 'quotes' are paraphrased for now (I might sit through the audio and change them-- will have audio available after I get some logistics worked out)

The evening started out in a predictable manner. Campus police casually draped along the foyer walls. OU Center for Inquiry students calmly and quietly passing out pro-science fliers in the hallway outside of the auditorium. OU staff saying Pursuit College Ministry had the entire area reserved, so the CfI students had to go outside. Some mindless Creationist student was positively giddy that the event was getting 'negative publicity.' That might have had something to do with the fact that on Sunday, a band of college students got on their knees around Dembski to pray for him. They prayed to the Lord Almighty to channel His words through Dembski. To give Dembski wit. To give Dembski the right answers when those Evilutionists stepped up to the mic Monday night. The Faithful bowed on Sunday, but it would be the Evilutionists on their knees tonight! That Creationist student had every reason to be giddy... as the evening started out.

As we waited for the presentation to begin, there was nothing to look at except the projection screen. Yellow words burnt into a black background, along the lines of "Why dont Intelligent Design advocates publish peer-reviewed papers?"

With the impending release of the Creationist movie 'EXPELLED!', it wasnt difficult to follow where Dembski would be going with this. I turned to Ian, "Oh good! We do get to hear Dembskis 'Martyr Speech!'" And so our adventure began, with 8 lies:

"This is the first time anyone has taken out a full ad in a newspaper against me!" Dembski declared, beaming with pride at his persecution. "Unfortunately one of their comments is wrong. Look at all these peer reviewed papers published by ID RESEARCHERS!"

(listed 8 ID publications on the screen)

Unfortunately Mr. Dembski failed to mention that ID Creationists admitted, under oath, at the Dover Trial that none of their 'publications' supported ID Creationism.

He then went on to discuss the Sternberg Affair... of course, omitting *certain details*, and once again, boasted about his persecution regarding the AMNH debate, where he bravely stood before 700 atheists and defended his 'work'.

The proceeding hour (I disagree with Ian here) was painfully boring. There was *almost* nothing noteworthy at all-- The only thing keeping me awake was the occasional bucket of stupid Dembski poured on the audience-- Microevolution vs Macroevolution, quote mines, eyes cant evolve, bacterial flagella cant evolve, motorcycles are designed, Mt. Rushmore is designed, cells have a UPS system, can you see the cow?, evilutionist need a fully articulated evolutionary path, evilutionists cant explain everything, evilutionists have faith, evilutioinists have no evidence... *YAWN* Nothing that hasnt been said-->refuted over and over and over until we all want to throw up.

But there was *something* in Dembskis presentation that I think is worth noting. At one point in his talk, he let an animation play for all of us to watch. It was a beautiful animation... but there was something wrong with it. The narrator. What I mean by this, is that the narrator sounded like he didnt know he was being recorded (ummm, ahh, like). He also sounded like Big Gay Al. I was in physical pain trying to stifle my laughter.

But thats not the funny part.

The funny part is, this is the video we were shown:

Except the video we were shown had bits and pieces of that video spliced together, the original narrator was stripped out, and Big Gay Al was overlaid speaking "ISNT A CELL MAGIC-AL!" over MAGIC-AL music.

I wonder if UD got permission to do that.

*shrug* Add it to the list of lies and deception for the night, but thats it. Thats Dembskis schpeel.

What came after the presentation. *evil grin* What came after the presentation, dear readers, was lovely.


Jorgon Gorgon said...

More! This is wonderful, and I am sure it is about to get even funnier. Wish I was there...

Anonymous said...

That might have had something to do with the fact that on Sunday, a band of college students got on their knees around Dembski to pray for him.

Really? Did that actually happen or do you mean that in some kind of metaphorical way?

ERV said...

This 100% happened. I think I have it on audio somewhere too.

Reverend/Preacher/Whatever called all the kids up to the stage to get on their knees around Dembski.

They prayed for lots of things for Dembski-- but the only ones I currently remember are for GOD to give Dembski a brain, and for GOD to use Dembski as a puppet to smite the Evilutionists on Monday.

They really, really did that.

Anonymous said...

Abby's comments on Dembski don't exactly betray a high level of objectivity.