Monday, September 10, 2007

Creationists like homo interactions.

I love grad school.

I seriously love it, guys.

I hate being out of the lab 3 hours a day for class, plus seminars, plus lunch with visiting speakers, plus journal clubs, etc etc etc every day-- But I love how every day I am learning about wonderful wonderful things in class :) Wonderful things, like protein-protein interactions. YAAAAAAY!!!!

Recently on my blog, Behe apologists have tried to save Behes soul in some fun ways. For some reason in Creationist World, homo-protein-interactions are 'normal' and hetero-protein-interactions are unnatural enough to require divine intervention. For instance, an HIV-1 protein binding to another HIV-1 protein is less impressive to a Creationist than an HIV-1 protein binding to a non-HIV-1 protein*. Protein A binding to another Protein A is less impressive than Protein A binding to Protein B*. Homo-interactions are blase, while hetero-interactions are perverse and unexplainable.

Ian and Art have been giving wonderful responses to these argumentum ad homos over in 'Another Savage Blow', but this weekend I learned how to defend myself against these claims. For Mondays class we had to read two papers:

  1. Phosphorylation of the MAP kinase ERK2 promotes its homodimerization and nuclear translocation.
  2. Evidence for in vivo phosphorylation of the Grb2 SH2-domain binding site on focal adhesion kinase by Src-family protein-tyrosine kinases.
Paper 1-- Phosphorylation of a protein leads to a homo-protein-protein interaction
Paper 2-- Phosphorylation of a protein leads to a hetero-protein-protein interaction, which leads to another, and another, and another, etc.

So after todays lecture I went to ask my professor what I knew to be a retarded question, just for the Creationists reading this blog. "Prof, is there any difference between these two reactions? Theyre both phosphorylations and use the associated chemistry, but are they different? Is one harder to evolve than another? Is the homodimer easier to evolve than the hetero?"

Prof (very kindly, btw) "No. Its just chemistry."

Hetero-protein-protein interactions are completely natural, Creationists. You should give them the same respect you give homo protein complexes.

* Certified Creationist Claims(TM)


Anonymous said...

Hehe - that'll turn them in Knots. Homo interactions are normal, while hetero interactions are perverse! There's something about that in Leviticus IIRC. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it's not New New New New New....

Anyway HIV hasn't evolved into a space monkey yet.

Tyler DiPietro said...

Release, in sodomy...

[/Tool Fanboyism]