Saturday, September 01, 2007

Creationists in 'Darwinists' Clothing

Ian found something fun:

Discovery Institute Fellow runs for school board as “Darwinist”?

I want to play poker with Creationists. Theyre always 'tipping their hand':

By describing himself as a “Darwinist”, Campbell has tipped his hand. Darwinism is a 150-year old precursor to the modern synthesis. It is primarily used as a pejorative term for evolutionary biologists by creationists. Either Campbell is so wrapped up in the in-house language of the creationists that he uses that term, or he uses it as coded language, signally to those “in the know” that he is actually one of them, while appearing to communicate something very different to his fellow creationists.
Another post on the topic over at The Austringer.


Anonymous said...

I must be missing something, because I just don't grok the dominionist (aka 'religious-right) mania for attempting to debunk evolution (i.e. scientific fact) with creationism/intelligent design. My best guess is that if they can get you to reject scientific fact in favor of their brand of snake oil, then they own your mind.

Anonymous said...


I think Kenneth Miller nailed it when he referred to the Answers in Genesis worldview that all the evils in the world are due to "the loss of Biblical authority, beginning with Genesis". [Search 'Foundations' at AiG].

Ken Ham made an extraordinary graphical representation of this idea. Upon the foundations of EVOLUTION has been constructed the fortress of HUMANISM. Humanism = racism, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, divorce, pornography.

When evolution is viewed as the origin of just about everything bad (to Christers), they have to eradicate it.

Rather amusingly, this image is counterpoised against the fortress of Christianity built upon the foundation of Creation.

Oddly, there there are no derivative outcomes shown for Christianity. I guess we are free to insert our own: delusion, dogma, obscurantism, sectarianism. Oh, and let's not forget non-profit. Ken Ham signs off thus: "As you battle for the authority of God’s Word, please think of AiG in your ministry giving. Your donation to this non-profit ministry will help continue the attack on the foundations of the enemy’s castle. "

PS. Come to think of it, I just don't have a problem with 5 out of 6 of those humanist evils.