Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boobie Day on the Blagosphere

Today was boobie day on the blagosphere. Girls showing their boobies. Boys showing their boobies. Women mad at the lack of boobies. Men thinking their smart and insightful for saying there is a shortage of boobies.

Booby 1-- My mother is very, very, very pro-breast-feeding. She is a breast-feeding evangelist. If anyone within a 50 mile radius of our home is pregnant, you can guarantee my mother will knocking on their door with breast-feeding 'literature' (hey, at least she doesnt do it at 8 am on a Sunday...). That anyone would be anti-breast feeding while still being pro-boobie (just as long as there is a wet T-shirt over them) is something I cannot comprehend.

Booby 2--
Hitchens has already upped that bet. Your move, PZ :P

Booby 3-- As Zuka knows, I live in a bubble world. Never had any problems with professors, bosses, mentors, discriminating against me because of my gender. I know some of my colleagues have gone through bullshit just because they have boobies, but Im a lucky bastard, and 'gender' is not something I have to think about on a normal day. I carry that bubble with me onto the internet. Maybe this is a side-effect of hanging out on David Bowie fan forums for too long, but with screen names and artistic avatars-- who the hell knows who is what gender on the internet. 'The Internet' is a genderless world to me. For all we know, 'Orac' is really a woman. And I bet a strong majority of you would think I was a dude if I never posted a pic!
I really dont think Carl Zimmer consciously left women out of his three, nor do I think I was PZs token chick. I hope their decisions were genderless, and based on their favorites.

Readers, if you are feeling embarrassed about your knowledge of women in science, there is always 'Women in Science' :)

Booby 4--
After almost writing a nice article on a real topic-- how to herd cats (I mean atheists), Berlinerblau's article degenerates into one of the most offensive articles Ive read in weeks:

The number of men who gravitate to atheism and agnosticism, specifically white men, is wont to leave one slack-jawed.
I GET IT FR*MERS. IM A MAN. I GET IT. Holy crap! Do you people think before you write words?? What the hell is the matter with Fr*mers?? Everything they write is offensive, and theyre supposed to be the experts? I mean is this article a joke? His list of 'kinds of atheists':
  1. Big Science Secularists
  2. Refugees
  3. Church-State Lifers
  4. The Philosopher Kings
  5. The Lone Rangers
  6. Gay
  7. The Lunatic Fringe
Please, someone tell me this article is a joke.

Edited 10.00 pm to add--
BOOBIE 5-- According to The Factician, Denyse over at Uncommon Descent is even showing her boobies off today!
Anyone who thinks that the fact that girls are not as good as boys in math means that girls do not rule is obviously not in contact with many girls.
HAHAHA! Its a FACT girls suck at math, but girls RAWK! LOL! Big D is just jealous that Winnie can publish a theorem, and Little D cant.


Anonymous said...

From the title I thought you would come thru with my previous (albeit tacit) request about your original blog picture. Damn, I knew I should have saved it.

I luv boobies.

ERV said...

My boobies are on this blog.


Anonymous said...

ERV said, "And I bet a strong majority of you would think I was a dude if I never posted a pic!"

Has that been ruled out, then? I mean, it's amazing what hormone treatment can do these days.

*croons* "...tomorrow was another day,
The morning found me miles away,
With still a million things to say.
Now, when twilight dims the sky above,
Recalling thrills of our love,
There's one thing I'm certain of,
Return I will to old Brazil."

Chris Noble said...


The significant (but not insurmountable) obstacles are scrolling past a) Christopher Hitchen's manboobs and b) photos showing large portions of you covered in pink spots.

Anonymous said...

Please, someone tell me this article is a joke.

That article is a joke. Note that many of his suggestions for atheist candidates are not even American citizens. Carla Bruni has nice boobies though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks go out to Chris Noble for the preliminary research notes, and to ERV for the presentation skills and necessary development:

I find this an extremely interesting and important subject that could be discussed for hours and hours, perhaps leading to a potential life-long committment.

However, without being able to examine the evidence more closely, and of course not being able to perform any hands-on experiments, my previous experience and knowledge lead me to believe that we are looking at what could measure out to a serious 34-C.

While this certainly is not the largest number ever recorded, it is also not the smallest on the allowable scale, and it must be pointed out that the quality portrayed appears to be at the 99% percentile, leading to the inevitable conclusion of DEFINTELY HAWT!

Torbjörn Larsson said...

Yes, well, most men are jealous because while women can publicly show how well their boobies function, men can't do the same with their balls. (Thank FSM! But still jealous ...)

[And I'm sure there is a "boob" vs "boobies" joke in here somewhere, but I seem to have lost it.]

token chick

:-) For some reason that sounds funny, at least spoken fast in a swedish accent. I think I'll have to get me some of those. :-P

Anonymous said...

Erv tribute

Anonymous said...

Reginal - Thanks. I thought she'd be taller, and I thought she'd stick that last jump better.