Monday, August 13, 2007

True Dog Lovers(TM)

Yeah, Im doing it. Im playing the 'True Scotsman' card. Wanna fight about it? :P

So I was looking for this story I saw a few weeks ago on Dateline. Nice little 2 minute story at the end of the show on a dog that saved a little girl from a sexual predator. The whole segment was "The dog alerted..." "The dogs owner..." "The dog..." "The dog..." "The dog..."

The breed of "the dog..."? Pit. Textbook white and tan American Pit Bull Terrier. But even in the shadow of the Vick case, they wouldnt say the word. They wouldnt say "Pit saves little girl from sexual predator."

But boy howdy, if that pup had bitten that little girl, Dateline wouldnt have had any trouble reporting "PIT BULL EATZ BAYBAY!"

Link to the story.

Anyway, as I was searching for that link, cause Ive been just a *little pissed* of late, and I found lots of wonderful sites by individuals that are True Dog Lovers(TM). This one is awesome: Happy Pit Bull! Kinda restored my faith in society after the recent train-wreck from individuals I have never met, but trusted, and expected more of.

Who would have thought that people who proclaim to be rational Dog Lovers would have the exact same position as one of the most insane women in this country. Sorry-- You can call yourself a Dog Lover, a Martian, an 18th Century Concert Violinist-- But reality prevents me from accepting your claims.

Have an irrational fear of pits? Convinced that they are going to kill you while you sit in their living room? See pit bull shadows around every corner as you walk down the street? Dodging questions about your Final Solution for pits, because you know its inhumane? You are NOT a True Dog Lover(TM).


JoeyJoJoJr said...

OT, but just heard this morning that Michael Vick's two other co-defendants have agreed to testify against him. Also, the NFL is ruling by the end of the week if he is going to be suspended from the league for the rest of the year (hopefully forever).

ERV said...

I think he has till the end of the week to enter a plea on these charges, AND the DA is going to lay on some racketeering charges.

I wish ruining his life would benefit the Humane Society or Pit Bull rescue groups...

joeyjojojr said...

If the man has a shred of decency left in him, he would make a large donation to one of those groups.

Chris said...

You know, in my experience problems with dogs are almost invariably in fact problems with the people that raise them. There are certainly breeds that are not for beginners, that tend to strive for dominance more than others. But if pits, dobermans, shephards, et al are most likely to be involved in serious bite incidents, its mostly a result of the influence of the idiots who keep them just because they think it makes them look big and bad. BTW, as a large dog owner I also feel compelled to note the size double standard when it comes to aggression. God help us all if large breeds ever develop the temperament of terriers.