Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summer Virus Fun

As youre enjoying the last few days of summer vacation, playing in the ocean, remember this:
There are 1 million-1 billion viruses in every cm3 of seawater.

Just so you know.



Susannah Anderson said...

Oh, but viruses are good!

Dave says so, over on IIDB; here.

"...let's begin with the hypothesis that viruses are not our enemies. Let's hypothesize that in the beginning, they were all "good" as Genesis implies. Then we work within the framework of that hypothesis and study viruses. I suspect we will soon learn that viruses are only pathogenic when they are out of their proper context or when they are in their proper context but they have mutated, etc. If we adopt this type of thinking, then I suspect we could harness the originally designed purpose of viruses, and put them to good use for the benefit of humanity as is already being done on a limited basis."

Anonymous said...

Some viruses are good guys!

This is actually a really cool area of research. Have you read Darwin's Radio, by Greg Bear? If not, I highly recommend it - it's about ERVs after all! But the beginning of the novel involves the use of phages to kill pathogenic bacteria. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Viruses are everywhere and mostly harmless. The difficulty is for bean-counters to learn how to differentiate the pathogenic viruses (small numbers) from the harmless ones (large numbers)

ERV said...

Hehehehe Thanks for the heads up, Weeta!

vwx-- Of course its cool! Its viruses! The problem is the Creationist perversion :P

frank-- There are people whos JOB is to go to exotic locations and collect water samples to find new viruses. Man I wanna do that!