Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Send in the pawns!

Michael Behe, Michael Behe, Michael Behe. What are we going to do with you? I put the odds at about 90% you would ignore me, 5% you would respond as a Creationist, and 5% chance you would respond as a biochemist (Im optimistic!). But for you to make the decision to allow poor little Casey Luskin make a fool of himself defending you? Throwing a friend under the bus? That was not something I expected from you. How cruel. I mean whens the last time he took a biology class? High school? Eighth grade? Poor fellow doesnt even know the difference between biochemistry and genetics. Look, I would never make fun of his education, as theres no shame in not understanding what I wrote. I know the jargon is gobbledy-gook to sane people. But for you to shove advanced, extraordinarily specific papers and terminology in his face and yawn 'Defend me, pawn'...

There isnt one sentence in poor little Caseys post that I feel its necessary to respond to*, and Im sure he worked his little knuckles to the bone on it. He even tried to reference a LANL paper (so cute, little guy doesnt understand that THAT paper refutes you too), and I bet it took him hours to find it, and several more to read it. But biochemistry isnt the responsibility of non-biochemists.
Biochemistry is biochemists business.

Thats you, right, Michael Behe?

Oh, but wait-- Answering my point isnt The Point, is it? The Point is Average Joe Creationists know that we scored big. You messed up BAD. They need to read anything that says "Nothing to see here! All is well! Move along now!" The Pawn Casey can handle that job well enough for you, eh?

But you know you were pawned by a kid, Behe.


Im not going anywhere.

* If you read my post and dont know how to refute something Casey said, please post your question here so we can talk about it! If you have questions, odds are other people do too!


Tyler DiPietro said...

Since Behe apparently felt comfortable in outsourcing his defense to a non-specialist and general idiot like Luskin, do you think it fair to outsource your offense to a non-specialist but generally awesome person, like me?

ERV said...

I would love that! Honestly, I want to make sure I got my points across, so having a non-specialist 'address Luskins concerns' would be terrific, and I bet we all could learn a bit more!

Have fun!

waldteufel said...

Ms. Smith, your post was well reasoned and very well communicated.

Casey Luskin is an idiot who wouldn't know an original thought if it tried to french kiss him.

Behe is a coward and a fool.


Foxy said...

But ... what if Arnie tried to french kiss him...

quantok said...

So, to summarise Luskin in layman's terms:

1) The Vpu gene in chimp SIV is called Vpu and the Vpu gene in human HIV is called Vpu SO IT'S THE SAME GENE. Nothing new has evolved.

2) You can't say that the Vpu copy in chimps, which isn't present in other simians, 'evolved' because that assumes common descent and that's, well, an ASSUMPTION.

3) The major new biochemical functions of the HIV Vpu gene which are species specific to humans are actually "insignificant changes that do not generate new genes or new biological functions". Maybe the VPU gene in humans has always had these functions.

4) Entirely new gene Vpx. Er, best not to mention that at all.

Torbjörn Larsson said...

On the surface Luskin seems to make a capable refutation, and that is unfortunately all what matters to the IDiots that needs his comforts.

Of course, if they really read the original post they will be fazed by his jumping the "new" stage only to repeat ERV anticipations of his "*new* new" and "*NEW* *new* new" arguments.

Though there is a small possibility that they will also notice that Luskin refuses the presented evidence by claiming that Behe was 'randomly' restricting himself to humans when discussing HIV evolution. Maybe he was, but you can't get that from the material Luskin presents.

Um, and for Behe the only evolutionary mechanism that can be discussed is still "random" mutation, so he is forced to outright lie about what biologists works with. Pitiful.

Tyler DiPietro said...


Shawn Wilkinson said...

Why does Luskin even bother?

quantok said...

"Why does Luskin even bother?"

ERV is right — Cretinist denial only requires the flimsiest 'refutation' of scientific facts. You can be sure that any mention of the Panda's Thumb trashing of Behe will be met with "oh, Luskin completely debunked that."

However, nicely presented though ERV's argument was, I doubt that Vpu, viroporin and Golgi complex will soon be entering the typical Cretinist lexicon. Most are still at the "if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" stage - to quote Larry King.

ERV said...

Why does Casey bother?

What else does he have to do? Does he have a real job? Does he ever have to get out of bed before noon?

Thanks, guys! I knew that post was going to be super jargony-- Im relieved to see you all got my points :) But really, if youre not sure about something Casey said, post it!

Jacob Wintersmith said...

(This is off-topic, but I couldn't find an email address for ERV.)

Someone is making Michael Vick chew toys. Perfect for pit bulls to chew on.

The Factician said...

Heh. Nice post, it made me chuckle.

Les Lane said...

It's probable that Behe's understanding of molecular evolution is sufficiently weak so that he can't respond.

a finn said...

Thank you for your great rebuttal! However, as you said in PT, creationism is just a PR campaign. Therefore it might be a better PR to have post a real rebuttal for Luskin also, just in case that creationist won't have a chance to say that there was none.

waldteufel said...

a finn . . .I agree with you. I would love to see Ms. Smith put a shredding of Casey's bullshit on Panda's Thumb, or here, or both.

ERV said...

Les (virology professor and fellow who got me into 'real world' science defending)-- Im certain youre right! 'EoE' was a very strange book-- you should flip through it.

Finn Folks-- I will refute it if the PT crew would like me to, for posterity. Ill see what they have to say-- but its not Luskins head I want hanging above my fireplace... *smile*

At least he had the balls to try something.

waldteufel said...

I must say, as pathetic, kooky, and prone to lie as Casey is, he does at least, as you say, have some balls.

He does have a public e-mail address, and he does answer if you contact him. So, I've got to give him credit for that.

The rest of them are not only liars and kooks, they are cowards.