Saturday, August 18, 2007

A powerful refutation of my Behe post

The best refutation of my post (to date) came from a poster on Amazons "Edge of Evolution" page:

Ms. Smith,

Read your post-quite impressive in some respects.

You are obviously enjoying the fruits of an excellent scientific education. No telling how far you can go if you acquire the requisite taste, professionalism, good judgment and manners to go with it.

Perhaps you should consider emulating Professor Behe in those areas.
WHOOOO! I got the Dawkins Defense: "I think youre mean. That means Im right. Next time, dont be so mean."

Guess this means Im officially Hurting The Cause now, ROFL!!


Jon said...

LOL That about as an official win as one can get in types of things. Have you considered making vlog YouTube videos? Webcams are dirt cheap if you don't have one already.

Chris Harrison said...

Manners and taste are "requisite" for having a good scientific career?

I knew I should have stuck with economics. I'll never be able to give up eating those juicy steaks with my bare hands.

Bob O'Hara said...

I thought the follow-up was even better:
I'm not into psychological jargon like "passive-aggressive;" just consider me as a southern gentleman of advanced years who was giving a nice lady that I don't even know the benefit of the doubt; that is, that you might want to hear something potentially more constructive than you're getting from the comments on your post, which seem to run mainly to some variation of "way cool."

Dear lady, I hope you appreciate the effort this gentleman has gone to condescend to you.


Israel Barrantes said...

haha I like and really support blogs that discuss fake science or misleading pseudo- scientific papers. (i collect some of those in my blog, under the 'controversial' tag). Keep doing this good job!

ERV said...

Jon-- LOL! No way. It takes me hours to write even the simplest post, as me sitting in front of the computer is Arnies cue to play...

Chris-- Silverware and napkins went untouched at our last micro BBQ :P

Bob-- See, hes an amateur. REAL passive aggression and condescension should come naturally. You gotta force it, you aint got it. Poor guy.

Israel-- Its fun!! If you dont want to muddy up your blog with this nonsense, feel free to get rants out of your system here :)