Thursday, August 30, 2007

For the more tentacally inclined

Lest we forget the other critters being abused by Creationists:

Anemone's Raise a Tentacle in Support of Evolution

Different organism, same punchline:

It is clear that the people contributing to this forum did not indeed read the actual article. Else they might have been surprised themselves to learn about the genetic evidence for the common descent of all animal phyla from the eumetazoan ancestor.
Bonus-- Pretty pictures!!

Bonus #2-- Kevin also picked the BEST BLOGGER TEMPLATE EVER!


Kevin Z said...

LMAO, i've been reading your blog for at least 1-2 months now and never freakin' noticed we share the same template.

I better strike out "detail-oriented" from my resume.

Torbjörn Larsson said...

From the original post:

" ... Whereas fruit flies and soil nematodes have proven to be exquisite model systems for dissecting the genetic underpinnings of metazoan development and physiology, their genomes are relatively poor models for the ancestral eumetazoan genome, having lost introns, genes, and gene linkages."-Putnam et al. 2007. Science 317: 86-94

Maybe fruit flies have cleaned their genomes from most introns, but it seems they have also absorbed the entire Wolbachia genome:

"The host’s genes actually hold the coding information for a completely separate species," he said. Werren doesn't think the genetic transfer was intentional, like that of a virus, but accidentally slipped in during the fly's normal DNA-repair activities.

So while ERV's are still cool, there are some other mighty beasts out there...

Kevin Z said...

As I always say, there ain't no vert like an invert!