Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Finally! A new lab member!

Its just been me and Bossman for a while now. Almost had an undergrad (... or two...), but I scared them off. Today we finally got a postdoc (whom we've both worked with before). Great guy-- works hard, but still has a fun personality. Hes a co-postdoc with the PI next door. A joint immunology/virology project, which will be very cool... in 2 years. hehe!

Were also looking for a tech to take my spot when I start school. The hiring process has been kinda fun! Research isnt like a cult! Its like 'Big Love'! Hiring another research tech is like finding a third wife :P

Oh gawd, please dont let Zuska see this post... hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Oops! I'll just pretend I wasn't here...

Zuska has a sense of humor, you know. :)

Your analogy is not entirely misplaced. Wives, like lab techs, are highly skilled, perform multiple tasks on short notice for multiple demanding bosses (husband and kids in the case of wives), are poorly paid, their work often goes unrecognized, except for when it isn't done or isn't done exactly when demanded, in which case all hell breaks loose.

I once had a friend in grad school whose husband was a very traditional husband, and wanted her to begin having children right away. She tried, half seriously, to convince him that he ought to find another wife for children, and keep her as "just the wife for fun". Traditional wifehood, like being a lab tech, is a lot of work. Who wouldn't want some extra help in both cases?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Totally OT, but this is too crazy to ignore... have you ever come across this blog before? Lots of virology references, especially HIV. He left a random comment on my blog and linked an image on his website to one of my posts, despite it having nothing whatsoever to do with whatever the hell he was going on about. Kinda entertaining for a while but then it made my head hurt.

Maybe something is getting lost in translation from a foreign language?!

ERV said...

Zuska-- *LAUGH!* SO true!!! hehehehe!!!

vwxy-- Its like... It like almost makes sense... but then it looks like it was written by a science bot... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, individual sentence fragments make sense, but they don't stitch together at all. I read the first post thinking that I must not be paying attention properly, but when I went back I still couldn't get it to make sense. It actually took 3 or 4 reads before I completely convinced myself that it was nonsense!