Sunday, August 19, 2007

Evangelical Pisses Everyone Off: Atheism=Autism

LOL! Complete with VOX quotes and comments about PZ!

Despite his half-hearted disclaimer at the end, this guy pissed everyone off-- theists, atheists, parents of autistic kids, great schadenfreude!

Money shot is in the comments:

About 95% of the atheists I have met seem to be "quarrelsome, socially challenged men." If there is a correlation, and the problem is a type of "mind-blindness" then it should not be surprising to find that reason-based arguments are ineffective when trying to change their opinion of God. We Christians tend to treat atheism as if it was some form of Enlightenment-era rationalism and provide arguments that appeal to their reason.

But as Dawkins and Co. have shown, their views on God have little to do with reason and rationality. In fact, they are almost pathologically unable to recognize just how weak their arguments are – and therefore find it hard to understand why "bright" people don’t accept them too.

HAHAHAHA! Im always a man. Im a 'man' in research. Im a 'man' in classes. Im a 'man' in the gym. Im a 'man' in religion. Im a 'man' with the best boobs in town *thumbs up* ROFL!


Chris Noble said...

I can't detect any mental state in Vox Day that corresponds to intelligence.

Does this make me autistic?

Foxy said...

Let's be honest. You're a Beast! Rawrwarwarwwwar!

And one of my favourite bloggers, btw.

Tyler DiPietro said...

As a general rule, you can tell that it's time to stop reading an article when someone favorably quotes Vox Day. It's like hanging a big sign over your shoulders that says "I AM VAPIDITY PERSONIFIED".

"Quoting a Vox" should henceforth be the equivalent of "Jumping the Shark" for articles on religion.

CJ said...

God's made of gag, pol and env - love it!

Blake Stacey said...

Tyler DiPietro:

Oddly enough, folks had already decided that "quoting a Motl" is the equivalent of "jumping the shark" for climate science.

Israel Barrantes said...

Well, if you think about it from a transactional psychology POV, if you reinforce your Parent component (meaning "I believe only in the Bible"), you use less your Adult state (you rationalize things less). Hence, autism and religious fanatism might be pretty close

minusRusty said...

Im a 'man' with the best boobs in town *thumbs up*

Prove it! }:-)

ERV said...

Chris, Tyler-- You know, Id heard people refer to Vox before, but Id ever read it! LOOK what Ive been missing, LOL!

Foxy-- hehehe Thanks, beast brother ;)

Israel-- I know youre being silly, but theres some truth to that. 50% of adults never reach Piagets 'formal operations' stage. A stage I think is a defining characteristic of atheists.

rusty-- there is a picture of my boobs on this blog. Long time readers will assure you I am not lying. Youre just going to have to read ALL of my posts to find it :)

minusRusty said...

Oh, no you don't.

Pictures can be photoshopped; endorsements can be bought (or blackmailed).

Only actual observation under controlled conditions with the ability to replicate the results is gonna do the trick.



Uhm... No pun intended.

ERV said...

Would video work?