Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did you ever see that "Twilight Zone" where the guy signed a contract...

...and they cut out his tongue and put it in a jar and it wouldn't die, it just grew and pulsated and gave birth to baby tongues? Pretty cool, huh?

At least PZ didnt sign that contract! Or this one, like the poor "Kid Nation" kids:

...were required to do whatever they were told by the show’s producers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or risk expulsion from the show, according to a copy of the contract signed by the children and their parents.

The 22-page agreement leaves little room for parents to argue that they did not know what their children might encounter. As is standard in such agreements, the parents and the children agreed not to hold the producers and CBS responsible if their children died or were injured, if they received inadequate medical care, or if their housing was unsafe and caused injury.

CBS and the production companies, Good TV Inc. and Magic Molehill Productions, retained the rights to the children’s life stories “in perpetuity and throughout the universe.”
See, PZ! Could have been worse! Creationists just have a few clips of you. If they were clever, they could have owned your soul in this life... AND THE NEXT!



Israel Barrantes said...

I only hope that now that PZ is a movie star, he will still be humble as always (sic). On the other hand, we could propose a new reality show, with those so- called "ID scientists" as contestans, where they will get a different empirical scientific truth to demonstrate each week, but using their ID methodologies. Jugdes of course, should be renowned scientists (HHMI, NSF no less). I'm sure it will be absolutely hilarious to see how ID people rationalize things! xD

ERV said...

OMG, Israel! The possibilities are endless!! ROFL!

quantok said...

Creationist quote of the day:

"multiplication of the number of chromosomes, chromosome translocations, recombination and even mutations can generate 'new species', but not new information, not new characteristics for which there were no genes to start with."

Hume's Ghost said...

I can't watch any commericals for Kid Nation without having flashbacks to this.

Hume's Ghost said...

er, oops. I'll just paste the link

PZ said...

I have an ace in the hole -- I DON'T HAVE A SOUL!

That would be a good evil twist for this TZ episode.

Torbjörn Larsson said...

I have an ace in the hole -- I DON'T HAVE A SOUL!

Nor a next life. Skeptics will have to be content with 2nd Life.

ERV said...

PZ-- Yeah I didnt used to believe in souls either. But when I got Arnie I found out that AmStaffs can only survive by eating baby souls, so there you have it :P

Torbjörn-- I used to play some game like that. But now Ive forgotten it. I had a sweet character, though! I had a hoverboard that was a flame! Damn, what was the name of that game??