Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creationist Perversions

No, not their ubiquitous physical perversions, their ubiquitous mental perversions. Wanderin Weeta pointed me towards this gem from a poster at IIDB:

Example: let's begin with the hypothesis that viruses are not our enemies. Let's hypothesize that in the beginning, they were all "good" as Genesis implies. Then we work within the framework of that hypothesis and study viruses. I suspect we will soon learn that viruses are only pathogenic when they are out of their proper context or when they are in their proper context but they have mutated, etc. If we adopt this type of thinking, then I suspect we could harness the originally designed purpose of viruses, and put them to good use for the benefit of humanity as is already being done on a limited basis.
Reality: Some viruses are 'good'. Some viruses are 'bad'. Some viruses are just there.
Creationist Perversion: All viruses used to be Good. The Fall made viruses Bad.

Reality: Some viruses are only 'bad' is the 'wrong' organism, eg Nipah Virus in fruit bats, SIV in African Green Monkeys. Some viruses are pathogenic in everyone it can infect (influenza).
Creationist Perversion: Everything was in its proper place after Creation. Pathogenicity is a result of The Fall.

Reality: Sometimes viruses mutate, and things are worse for us (Red Queen). Sometimes viruses mutate, and things are better for us (co-evolution, domestication, etc).
Creationist Perversion: Things used to be perfect. All mutations are bad.

Reality: Evolution helps us design vaccines, weak points to extort with drugs, ways to limit outbreaks, etc
Creationist Perversion: Creationism could help us too...


Ian said...

Actually there's a far simpler explanation for viruses - they postdate the Fall. You don't need viruses in Eden - in fact, if I were trying to make up a story I'd blame them on lesser (evil) powers trying to make a caricature of life. Of course, I'd be stealing the idea from both the gnostics and JRR Tolkien (Aule and the dwarves), but that's ok, creationists are expected to steal...and lie, and cheat (on their taxes; on their wives with male prostitutes, etc.)

YECs still have it easier than IDists. Poor old Behe has to assert that God intentionally intervened to make HIV. Hmmm - so a biblical literalist believes that we are Fallen and are moving away from perfection, while an IDist believes that we are moving toward [something, maybe not perfection, but something intended]. I wonder if that's a general feature of ID, or just a feature of Behe-ID.

quantok said...

Cretinist quote of the day:

"Neanderthals are those who lived after Noahs flood. The appearances are what one looks like after having lived for over 700 years."

ERV said...

Ian-- LOL! We were turned into newts after The Fall, but now we're getting better :P