Monday, August 27, 2007

And on the 5th day, Creationism was killed

hehehehe Day 5 of grad school. Spent 3 hours talking about things that Creationists say cant happen. Gene duplications, domain mixing/shuffling, evolution of immune systems, convergent evolution, evolution of globins...

It was a bloodbath.

Poor persecuted Creationists. Wouldnt make it past the first test.

I know Ive joked about Behe not paying attention in class, but Jesus... Day 5. Days 1-4 were basically administrative, intro to amino acids, and protein purification. Day 5 we're talking about stuff that Behe claims is impossible. Yeah, Im calling him 'Dr. Behe'. **VOMIT**


Nick said...

Oh yeah? Day 1 of my grad. school career, I am TAing evolutionary biology, Kevin Padian is the instructor, and he devotes the first lecture to why ID is worthless and evolution is cool, with ample material from the Kitzmiller case. Quite a blast seeing that stuff in the classroom...

quantok said...

"evolution of globins..."

My brain read this as 'evolution of goblins' and I wasted 20 minutes on Talk.Origins trying to find a reference.

ERV said...

Nick-- Hey! Youre in EvoBio! Im just an artard in micro! Ill take Day 5!! :P
hehehehe And Bossman is working up a course on the evolution of HIV, TB, and Malaria. He doesnt follow E/C crap at all, so he didnt understand why I laughed so hard when he pitched the idea to me. LOL!

quantok-- No, the evolution of goblins is what theyre learning in biology classes in 'World of Warcraft'. hehe!

Bob O'Hara said...

Nick - you may be excited now, but wait until you see the reading list for the evolution of the immune system part. The students will expect you to have read it all.



Joe G said...

Can anyone point me to the evidence that Creationists say that gene dupication, domain mixing/shuffling, evolution of immune systems, convergent evolution, evolution of globins, can't happen?

I would love to see it.


ERV said...

Sure! Every one of those is a move out of Behes play book! He put several of them in 'Edge'.

Gene duplication: From 'Edge'-- "Randomly duplicating a single gene, or even the entire genome, does not yield new complex machinery; it only gives a copy of what was already present. Although duplicated genes can be used to trace common ancestry, neither individual gene duplications nor whole genome duplications by themselves explain novel, complex forms of life."

Domain mixing and evolution of the immune system are the 'same', really-- Day 12 of the Dover Trial

Hemoglobin-- Dover Trial, Day 11 Plus more in 'Edge'. In 'Edge' he calls hemoglobin evolution 'a just so story'.

Convergent Evolution-- This claim is all over the place. For instance, LINKY!